Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Home Ownership, Lucky Tuesday

Not our kitchen, but the light is kinda like the one we picked out
Yesterday was the best of times and the worst of times....

The day started out pretty nicely.  Lee and I had spent our first night at the house even though it is still not ready to move in, but we wanted to get some work done then take in a movie.  We got up early and headed out grab some breakfast ... then onto Lowes and Home Depot to buy a medicine chest for the main bathroom vanity.  The electrician needed to know the dimensions before he could install the side lights, so we needed to make a decision quickly.  We were successful finding a great size in a style we both liked.  We not only found a medicine chest,, but we also decided on light fixtures for the kitchen and tiling for the backsplash.  A wonderfully productive day.  Life was good, and we headed back to the house to deliver our goods.  In the meantime, the electrician and his crew had started working.  So we brought all our treasures in to show them, and we were talking over what we were going to do about the flooding that had occurred in the crawl space the previous days.

You see, water had been about 6 inches deep under there, and they couldn't get access to the wiring that runs under the flooring.  Lee and I had spent the previous day trying to get the sump pump working again, so it could pump out that water, and found that it had been unplugged.  After plugging it in, it had drained most of the water away, and so the one of the electricians went under the house to start working on the wiring.  So there we were, all was moving along swimmingly, and we were talking about the future plumbing plans (the electrician is a licensed plumber, too) when the guy under the house started yelling and we saw a trail of water running out of the bathroom into the hall.....all over our newly finished (and paper-covered) hardwood floors.  Yikes!  Everyone sprung into action.  We had exactly 7 towels and 2 mops between us and the plumbers/electricians.  The guy under the house quickly unplugged the sump pump again, and went outside to locate the sewer pipe while we all mopped and tore up soggy paper. 

Well, it seems, the sump pump had been plumbed into the sewer line at some point, and now the sewer pipe was blocked up as well, therefore, all the crawlspace water was now being pumped out through the drains and toilets into the house.  Nice, huh.  Luckily, we were there to: a) catch it as it was happening, and b) it was not sewage, but "crawl space water"....muddy water. See, lucky is the best word here, huh.

On the way home, we were so distracted that we didn't notice we were low on gasoline....yup, it went to empty 3 miles from the nearest town.  The car kept going, although the computer onboard was signalling warnings of dread and doom.  We rolled into the next gas station with 1/2 gal. left!  How lucky was that!

So Lee and I finally made it home leaving all the sewage in the hands of the plumber/electricians (who are bringing the roto-rootering truck today to fix this problem).  Meanwhile back at the ranch...this morning, we woke to frozen hot water lines here at our showers for us...maybe later today.  Luckily, yes, luckily, we were here to discover it, and plugged in a space heater in the garage before they burst.  We opened all the base cabinets so the house heat helps keep the wall pipes warmer.  Here in Virginia, it seems common to place water heaters and furnaces (and washers and dryers, too) outside the house in a shed or garage.  So, when there is a cold snap, pipes freeze...and oftentimes, burst. 

The counter tops are ordered
On a more upbeat note, did you see the picture at the top?  This is very similar to the fixture we found at Home Depot yesterday for over the sink.  I'm so thrilled to have found it.  We have had so much trouble trying to find a reasonable sized fixture that has more than one 60 Watt bulb.  This one has two, plus it looks so much like this one that I found on Pinterest months ago.  Lee was unsure about it, but I convinced him to give it a try.  The cabinets are painted and will be installed by next week, the the counter tops can be measured and cut.  Hoping this granite will look good with the grays I chose for the cabinets. I'll try to take more pix today ..... wish me ... Luck :)


  1. Fun mixed with hard work and craziness... better you than me, however! What a time you have had getting settled, but I know you will look back with contentment, once you start enjoying your new home. It will be a good feeling. You knew what you were getting into, because I know you have gone through this before. Your new home will be beautiful and comfortable, and you. Can't wait to see photos!!

  2. Thanks, Terri. You know, I've always enjoyed remodeling, so this isn't so this setback isn't so stressful on me... Lee, might have a much differing opinion ;) In retrospect, having to update this place was a blessing in disguise, because in the beginning, I really couldn't warm up to this place. Now, its beginning to feel more like my own.


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