Saturday, November 17, 2012

Time Flies

Can't believe it's nearly Thanksgiving!  Where does the time go?!?

Much has been happening in our lives over the last several months.  I have so many photos and ideas to share, but I'm still limited by our internet connection as to how much data I can use.  Since pictures gobble up the data, I'm not able to post pictures for awhile, yet....many more months in the future.  It takes all the fun out of blogging for me, because I love sharing pictures more than trying to paint a picture in words.  But, I'll give it a try....I apologize in advance for any boredom that may ensue.  I'll try to be brief to keep it more readable, here we go:

Update in the brief (dates are approximate):

August 10th:  Still living in a apartment in Columbus, OH, we make an offer on a house near Columbus which is accepted.  Our realtor rushes through financing to get us into the place within 8 days because our lease is up on the 18th.

August 14th: But a snag occurs at the inspection.  Our inspector said to us "...unless you're really in love with this house, I suggest you Run away from it."  We call our Realtor who helps us cancel the deal. 

August 15th:  We move what we can into a U-Haul truck, and the rest into a storage unit near our old place in Carroll, OH. 

August 18th:  We give up trying to buy a new home in Ohio, and move down to Disputanta, VA. (we will be living in our son's old home near Petersburg, VA, until we find a place to purchase either here or near Raleigh, NC)

August 19th:  Our son, Doug, and our son-in-law, Ben, arrive in Disputanta, VA, to help us unload the U-Haul into our new digs and into a storage unit down the road. (Yes, we now have 2 storage units and a house.)

August 20th:  Meet my chiropractor who will eventually relieve me of a major "zinger" down my left arm....from a pinched nerve in my neck (probably from stress, yeah, there's a surprise diagnosis).

August 25th:  Meet with our new Realtor, Michelle, and started our search anew in areas near Hampton Roads and Williamsburg, VA, where Doug lives. 

August 26th:  Meet with our new Realtor, Bobbi, and started another search in the the Raleigh, NC, area  where our daughter, Julie and her husband, Ben, live. 

September 7th:  Ben and Julie tell us they are not going to be staying in Raleigh area, but will be moving to Charlotte, NC, area.  We called Bobbi and say "Farewell".

September 7th:  Trip back to Ohio to visit our daughter, Katie, and pick up a trailer to move the rest of our stuff we have stored in Carroll.  Get a lovely asthma "event" which puts me down for about 10 days.

September 16th:  Struggle on the 12-hour drive back to Disputanta and my bed.

September 17th:  Make an offer on a house in Newport News, VA.  Terms were agreed to, and we were under contract. 

October 25th:  More financing procedures, more inspections, repairs were made,  more inspections, more financing stuff, more repairs.  Hurricane Sandy threatens.  Repairs completed. 

October 31st:  Closing (finally) happened.  Got inside the house and began cleaning up. A bit overwhelming, because the house has been vacant since the elderly man who had been living there died in May.  Suffice it to say, there's alot of dirt and dust.   

November 5th:  Trip to NC to help Julie move some boxes of stuff to their new house in Charlotte, NC. 

November 9th - yesterday:  Meet with contractors and remove all the inside shutters in our new house.  Also, unload the remainder of things we've been storing in the storage unit here in Disputanta. 

Today:  a day of rest while we await the arrival of our daughter, Katie, from Ohio.  We're going to be hosting Thanksgiving at our place this year, so I'm pulling the turkey from the freezer tomorrow and making dressing today. Can't wait to show her our new home tomorrow.

Now, I know I've left out a load of information that I would like to have shared.  We've had some incredible stories I hope to tell you about, but it would take an incredible amount of space right now.  I'll try to share a few over with the next blogs. 

Wishing you all a very lovely Thanksgiving Holiday this week, a time to reflect and give thanks for blessings in our lives.  Please take a moment and share one of the things you are thankful for below in a comment.  



  1. I'll be 1st.

    I'm very thankful to our men and women past and present who give of their lives to serve our country. And of course I'm very grateful for my friends and fellow bloggers who take the time to read my ramblings. Bless you all.

  2. I am thankful for dear "old" friends like you, and the internet which keeps us in touch!! Love you guys. Glad you are getting settled


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