Friday, August 24, 2012

Back from a very long hiatus

Boy its been such a long time since I've even visited my blog!!!  Gotta tell ya'll why I've been absent for the last few months....yes, it has been months, wow!

We've been busy packing, painting, and finally moving, albeit to temporary digs, but we are finally moved to Virginia.  However, the place we've moved to has had no internet connection.  I KNOW...hard to believe, isn't it, but 'tis true.  Last week, though, I finally got my computer tethered to a smart phone, so now I'm back online.  Huzzah!

We're still trying to figure out how many gigs of memory we need, though, so I'm not going to be able to upload many pictures for awhile until I get a better handle on this new little hotspot.

Even though we were traveling back and forth between Ohio and Southern Virginia for the past couple of months, I managed to get a large order of bridal bags completed for a wedding in St. Louis...but I completely forgot to take some pictures.  They turned out quite lovely, too, bummer (the bride's color scheme was fushia and olive green, and the she said to me "here are my colors, just come up with something pretty for me, okay?" --  needless to say I was a bit nervous).  Luckily, the bride took some pictures for me, so I can post those.  I've just got to figure a way to get them off my phone and onto my computer to edit them down in size a little for posting (so they don't take up so many megabytes).  I'm still kinda learning about my smart phone which is apparently smarter than I -- tee hee.  Anyhoo....

I'm hopeful to get those posted in the next few days, so please bear with me for now.  In the meantime, I'm off to visit my favorite blogs to see what's been happening while I've been living the analog life!  See ya'll soon.....and have a great weekend!



  1. Hello friend! Multiply is closing, so many of us are moving to Blogger, myself included. I've linked myself to you, and hope you'll link to me, too! Good to catch up here!

  2. Welcome back! Doesn't it feel weird to be away for so long?

  3. Welcome back, Don't believe I could move somewhere where I didn't have internet. Don't have smart phone, but then I can't figure out how anybody see's on those little things anyway. I'm not very fond even of a laptop except one needs one away from the house. Anyway, hope you settle in nicely and we'll see you more often. Looking forward to pictures when you can.

  4. SO glad to see you back, girl, but no internet except for a smart phone? YIKES! I'm looking forward to seeing the pics of the bags you made!

  5. Hi Terri, Glad to have you onboard. I'll be sure to reciprocate.

    Talin, it REALLy is weird. So much has been happening and I feel like I'm the new kid again...just not so confused ;)

    Great to be back Allie and Sandy. I've really missed you guys. Last night I caught up with Sandy's blogs, and tonight I'm be catching up with Alli.

    I'm still working on those pictures. Everytime we go to McDonalds, I get online and use their connection to download some pictures....such a long process though because the nearest McD's is 5 miles away, and we don't go there often. I'm so used to having the instantaneous internet; now I have to plan ahead....bummer, but probably good for my soul :)

  6. Me, popping in again. Have stopped in several times; but hadn't left a comment since I already had one on this post, but now...wondering where you are and how you are?

  7. I'm still here, Sandy...alive and well and still kickin'. So sorry I haven't been better about checking in. Still have very limited data, limiting picture uploading, so I've been putting off blogging. I decided to post anyway to bring my friends up to date. Thanks Everyone for checking on me. I'm really touched by your kind words.


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