Thursday, May 10, 2012

Prom Season!  There are many new generational stories and memories being developed, even as I write this.  Here's mine.

I recently ran across my prom picture from a few decades ago (ahem, I'm not saying which one, so don't ask ;)  Check out the white gloves .... isn't it nice that THAT design element has gone by the boards.

What a fun night.  My date and I doubled with another couple and danced all night.  My feet bothered me even then, so the yearbook shows us dancing all night with my bare feet.  Bless his heart, he never once stepped on my little toes.  We both were a couple of cutups, I must admit.

After the dance, the four of us went out bushwacking in all the popular necking spots.  No luck, though.  Guess everyone was behaving themselves (or we didn't know all of the popular parking spots :).  Unfortunately, we got stuck in the mud at one point and we were in a stick-shift car.  So ... the guys got out and started pushing us while I was assigned to let out the clutch as smoothly as I could.  Yeah, unfortunately, it wasn't quite as smooth as necessary....they got splattered pretty badly.  Poor guys; they both wore white dinner jackets, too....ugh.  A good time laughing about it afterward, even though I still feel a tad guilty after all these years... sorry Mike, wherever you are.   What's your prom story?


  1. Ah yes, I remember and wore the white gloves too. We all looked so ladylike. Now days the young girls have everything hanging out, strapless etc. Always thought ones first prom dress should be very princess like. To this day, I've never worn a strapless anything.

    One prom I was very impressed with my date who wore a yellow jacket to match my dress. Funny thing, my husband, whom I was not with...wore the same jacket! Two guys with the same jacket in class about 450, not all went, but still...what are odds? Hubby and I laugh about that. We weren't dating at the time. He's an accountant, and my date is also an accountant...another strange coincidence.

  2. Making rounds today from my newest blog, Flat Stanley and Friends. Wanted to invite you over for a look see. And since you're a Mom etc, thought you might be able to share stories or pictures of a Flat Stanley adventure.

    He needs some help getting started, with visitors, comments, followers, and sharing stories.


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