Saturday, January 14, 2012

Waste Not Want Not Weekend

One of my favorite fabric stores is the local Goodwill Store.  Someone donates her lovely silk clothing there every now and then, so I like to go every few days to grab up these gems.  I've found blouses and skirts, even a wedding gown, and this past Wednesday I found a nice set of silk chiffon pajamas.

I "de-seam" them and use the pieces for purse and pocket linings; but mostly I give the pieces to my class of beginner sewists' to practice working with delicate fabrics.  I especially look for stained and torn clothing that would go unsold.  Often they will give you a further discount if you ask (because the money goes to a good cause, I usually don't ask with small items, just on more expensive items like formal wear).  This keeps costs low for everyone and reduces the landfills' loads a little more.  


  1. Good idea. I like to get things from the thrift shop too. Next time I go I will be looking for some nice wool fabrics that I can use for applique.

  2. Very cool idea, it's recycling with a capital R.

  3. Love finding little gems there. What's kinda weird, though, is when you find some your own stuff you gave away hanging on the racks, too -- LOL!


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