Sunday, January 15, 2012


 This weekend I'm cleaning up old things...frames and buttons.

Many years ago I inherited a couple of cigar boxes full of old buttons.  Many of those buttons have metal studs which have left rusty marks on those buttons that rested alongside of them.  Others were cellulose that disintegrated, so I've been washing these buttons and removing the badly damaged ones.  Toothpaste, not gel, works pretty well at polishing without scratching. 

What to do with so many great buttons that have been lovingly saved for decades?  Well, I've placed a few in my vintage shop, but these "white" ones, look pretty placed in a couple of arrays that resemble fossil shells.  I'm securing them onto a clear vellum which will allow me to change out the backgrounds with ease....thinking of a grass cloth as a backdrop at the moment.

I hope to pop them into these great old frames with curved glass.  They need a good sanding and painting because the finish is peeling off, but aren't they great!  Love the curved glass and the carvings.

Now I'm not sure how old these frames are, but they have an odor that needs fixing before putting anything in them.  After removing the paper I washed them well with an ammonia solution and hope that sanding the backsides then sealing with shellac will eliminate (or at least diminish) the odor issues.   Wonder what causes that stink in old wood.  

When I get the project finished, I'll post some pictures.  Right now I'm at a stand-still until the weather warms up some so I can go outside to sand and paint.  Current temp is 9 degrees Fahrenheit.  Brrrrrrr. 

Have a great week, Everyone
'Til we next meet....


  1. Brrr is right - that frame is gorgeous! I love what you're doing with the buttons.

  2. Toothpaste....I didn't know that. Good tip. Must remember that. YOu could make a shadow box type frame for your buttons.

    1. Fossil's :-)
      Love them :-) Fantastic idea. You have given me inpiration :-) X X X


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