Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our Newest Grandchild, Miranda

Little Miranda was born September 30th at 10:34 P.M.  She took two breaths then stopped breathing.  Apparently, her lungs collapsed. She's currently at John Hopkins in NICU.  We've been with her since Oct. 2.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated for her and her parents and sibs. 


  1. I'm so sorry to learn this and will keep you and yours in my thoughts. I'm glad to know she's is such a wonderful place to receive the care she needs. Hugs and prayers for you all.

  2. Lots and lots of love and prayers for your sweet grandbaby. She is beautiful.

  3. Oh my word - praying NOW, and will keep on!!

  4. Thank you, Everyone. Your prayers are so very welcomed, and Miranda's mom and dad send their most heartfelt Thank You as well. Lee and I just got home tonight to tend to the kittens and bills and upkeep. I didn't know what to expect when I got home, but its not too bad...just a little cat upchuck and a ton of bills to pay.

    Miranda is still in NICU and they put her on dialysis yesterday to help her eliminate the fluid she's been retaining...her kidneys are ok, she just needs some extra help. She is opening her eyes and pulling her legs up now, but just as soon as she responds spontaneously, the docs sedate her again so she doesn't pull out all her tubing. She remains "steady as she goes" as my son, a former sailor, said. Still in the woods, but not getting any worse. Still no prognosis, but we all remain guardedly hopeful.

    I'll keep you all posted as I get news. Thank you again for all your prayers and good wishes.

  5. All our love and best wishes for your darling granddaughter X X X X X XX


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