Thursday, October 20, 2011

Miranda's newest update

Miranda has been going downhill all week.  We really thought we'd have to go back to Maryland for the very worst reasons by this weekend, but she may have turned a corner.  Here is the latest post from our daughter-in-law, Lisa. 
Yesterday was an awful day, in the afternoon after a long day of low pressures that weren't responding to any interventions, finding she had an infection and believing her to be succumbing to sepsis, Miranda's attending doc came to me to ask when Vince would be up at the hospital and if we had family that would need to come in, because we needed to have a discussion about terminating support. I wa...s broken. That was the one choice I had prayed from her first day that I would NOT have to make. All night I prayed that God would make our next steps clear and that He would give us peace if it was our last day with her. In the next few hours there was a change. I noticed she wasn't quite as red as she was all day, her pressure was steadily coming up and her sats looked good. The night-shift fellow who in the past few days had been pretty grim said she was comfortable with how things looked and it seemed to be a change from the afternoon. So I went to go rest in the mothers' room. This morning when I woke up and headed back into the PICU her fellow was the first person I saw. She said, "we had a great night, really good." When I got into Miranda's room all the nurses looked at me and said, "this is like a different kid." I looked at her and her color was great, I looked at her monitors and all the numbers looked really good. Then her attending walked in and there was a smile on his face. He said "I know you've said that you're receiving a lot of support from your church family and people are praying but I'm not sure what kind of strings you're all pulling, this is not what I expected to see this morning, I thought she would die last night. This is a remarkable change from where we were yesterday. We need to talk about getting an echocardiogram, we may be approaching the window to get her off of ECMO." This afternoon she did get her echo, the pulmonary pressure is about 2/3 of her systemic pressure and they need that to go down to 50% or lower. She was clamped off ECMO support for about 8-10 minutes. In the last few minutes she began to drop her saturation levels and the ECMO team felt it was safer to bring her back online that to keep pushing her. When they brought her back onto the circuit they kept it at only 30% cardiac support and her sats recovered immediately. That is MUCH lower support than she's had in the past week, at one point yesterday she was on 100% support. I am AMAZED at what God accomplished in less than 24 hours. After seeing this change the doctor feels comfortable giving her more time to recover and has put off our "meeting" for a little while longer. We are far from out of a critical situation because she still isn't able to support herself off of the ECMO machine, but we're seeing tiny steps in the right direction. Praising God for a great day today and praying for His grace and mercy to walk through tomorrow although we don't know what it holds.

Please keep praying! God is not done using our little girl for His glory. We are humbled to be a witness to His mighty hand.
Prayers are powerful little things....thank you, Everyone, for your prayers and good wishes. 


  1. Crying with joy through this update - thank you Karen, holding you all up and especially Miranda!

  2. Chills reading this, hoping things continue. I've been where you are, noticing each and every minute an improvement, hoping for more. Not knowing what will happen an hour later. Keeping you all in my thoughts. Leaving you a (((HUG))))


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