Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Miranda update

After my last update little Miranda had a rebound, then this past weekend she started slipping further than before.  This Friday Vince and Lisa will have to face the terrible decision to take her off the EKMO machine that is keeping her oxygenated.  They are heartbroken, but have been given His grace to live in their faith that the Lord has a special place for Miranda in his Kingdom.

The outpouring of love and prayers has been remarkable.  Hundreds of people have sent their support for our  family, and it has meant the world to us all.  Words can't describe how much comfort we've received from Everyone, and I can't thank you enough for all your kind words and best wishes through this sad time in our lives. 

Until later,

~~ Karen


  1. Oh Karen how heartbreaking....may the Lord give them great comfort and peace during these difficult days. The little sweetheart...

  2. What a little fighter Miranda is. I pray that God will look after Miranda and all those who love her. May He give you strength and comfort during this most difficult time.

  3. I am so terribly sad for your family. I cannot begin to imagine the pain and anguish. Blessings to all of you and prayers for healing the hurt.

  4. We just got home last night from Miranda's bedside. Her brothers and sisters were allowed to come to the private room in NICU to get a chance to see her before they disconnected her life support. They then went home with family while her parents and grandparents stayed. The staff removed all the machinery, closed her wounds, cleaned her up and placed her in her Mom's arms who held her for the two hours until she passed quietly and peacefully with her grandparents looking on. All was well with our souls, because of her parents' strength and grace from their Lord and Saviour. Thank you all, again, for your support and kindness. It means the world to us and me in particular. Hugs and Blessings ...

  5. Very sad news about the adorable Miranda. Please accept my condolences and kind thoughts.


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