Friday, October 14, 2011

Miranda update

Spoke with my son last night as he was driving to the hospital to relieve his wife of her turn at the vigil.  He said she's still listed as critical, and she's holding steady.  They had to move her 2 days ago, and that set her back.  It takes her a day to recover from any little change, but she does recover.  The doctor said he picked up an article the other day in which a study was done showing that adding a nutrition change to these kinds of cases makes a  difference.  So they asked Lisa for the breast milk she's been expressing and hope to introduce it to Miranda today or tomorrow.  She already has a tube in her stomach which pumps out her stomach acids that we think they will use to pump in the milk.  We so hope this will help her get better sooner.  She can't stay on the EKMO machine indefinitely, and she's been on it several days's very important that she starts getting better.

Thanks again for all your prayers and good wishes.  Words can't express how comforting this has been to all the family.  We are so blessed to have good friends like you lifting us up.

Here's a little picture that Lisa took the other day.  It says it all....


  1. That picture made me cry - what a splendid little fighter she is, thank you sweetie for the update!! I'm continuing in prayer!

  2. My heart just goes out to that little baby, and those who love her. Having grandchildren of my own, I can feel your pain. Prayers continue to her and all of you.


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