Thursday, September 22, 2011

Still not sewing

Just an update...

So, I've got all the boxes unpacked and my sewing room is all set up.  So, whats the prob?  Time.

Yes, when one moves into an apartment complex, its generally expected that said complex will take care of maintenance issues.  Well, I'm here to testify that this is a BIG misconception.  Luckily, my husband has gained some handyman skills through the years.  So, we're fixing "short-comings" of this apartment.  Scrubbing, painting, insulating, plumbing, caulking, weatherstripping, pest control, and tomorrow the carpet cleaners we hired arrive to aid in the cause. Yay!

After they leave, we're going to try to rid the stairwell of the foot-long cob webs, and maybe take the hall light fixture down to see where the short lies.  Sometime in the future we're hopeful the maintenance man will actually stop by and fix or replace the vertical blinds so that we can not only twist them open and shut, but also slide them across the windows with a complete set of slats.  Ah, we all must have a dream..

Still looking for my card reader....I saw it earlier this month, but I don't know where it wandered off to.  Hopefully, I'll have something more fun for ya'll to read and look at next time.  So, ciao for now.....

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  1. Wow, sounds like they didn't even do the basic cleaning before you moved in. Around here they do indeed clean the carpets etc before move in. Take care, good luck your hubby finds the short.


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