Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pix of new Grandkids

Luna (girl) getting her bath treatment

Argus romping after his treatment in the tub

Luna keeping an eye on Argus, planning her attack

Argus has a tiger by the ear

Thinking of napping now....
Huzzah!  I found a card reader, so here are the pictures of our new Grandkids we took about 12 days ago. They are growing by leaps and cute.  Still waiting for our next Grand....any moment now. 

Have a great week, Everyone....ciao for now


  1. They are impish, that's for sure, but very snuggly and loving, too. Always ready with a friendly "Hello" wag and puppy kiss or two. They are brother and sister rescued and are struggling with ringworm and other un-named things, but doing well with their loving "mom" and "dad". Ben and Julie just dote on these sweet.

    Just got word that our daughter-in-law is in labor with their next child....guess we're off to see this new little one next...more pix to come.


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