Monday, September 5, 2011

Moved in and getting back up to speed

Hi again, Everyone!

It seems like I've been gone forever, but it's been only a few weeks. I'm almost ready to get back to work again. 

As you may remember, we have sold our home of 20+ years where we raised our 4 children.  We had a couple of weeks to locate a new place, which we thought we had found, but that house ended up with some major problems that were repairable, but would lessen the likelihood of reselling the property easily.  So, we withdrew our offer on that house and moved into a 3-bedroom townhome about 5 miles away from our old place.  We're quite comfortable here, and are nearly completely settled.  It's not where we want to live forever, but its good for now, and we don't have any upkeep worries, so we're free to roam to our hearts' content.

This weekend was a long holiday for our youngest, so she came "home" for the weekend.  She now has to sleep on the pull-out sofa bed, but she's fine with that.  This place was home to another cat before we moved in, and the complex really didn't clean it very well since they had 3 days from the last tenants leaving to us moving in.  So, our kitties got infested with fleas a few days after we moved in.  They've never had fleas, so they went nearly crazy with the itchies.  This weekend we decided to bug-bomb the place and put the cats in the vets for treatment and a short overnight stay.  After setting off the bombs, the three of us headed off for an overnight stay up at Lake Erie. 

Saturday we went to see my brother-in-law, Smitty, who's spending some time in a recuperation center recovering from what we think was a heart attack while he was visiting his son near Cleveland.  He's doing well and hoping to go home this week.  On the trip up there we stopped by a place called Grandpa's Cheese Barn.  Its a place right off the freeway that sells Amish goods...pickles, peppers, candies, smoked meats, herbs, teas, and of course,  hundreds of varieties of cheeses.  Oh my!  We shopped, then grabbed a sandwich, then shopped some more.  It was great fun because they had tons of samples of cheeses, salsas, pickles, spreads, ciders, and much much more.  We came out of there with 3 cheeses, one dip mix, some summer sausage, and a pound of fudge.  We shared some with Smitty, then went onto a drive along the shoreline westward to a Chataqua-like community called Lakeside.  We're thinking of starting to hold our family reunions here and wanted to get Katie's feedback.  We found a hotel for the evening and then went back toward Cleveland area to catch a concert at a festival in one of the burbs called Hudson.  Lee's brother, Tom, was performing there, so we stopped by to surprise him.  Afterward we all went back to his place to visit for awhile before heading back home. 

This morning Lee fixed Katie and me a feast of scrambled eggs and cheeses before she left to go back to school.  We'll bring the cats home tomorrow because the vet's office is closed for the Holiday.  This afternoon, Lee and I will head out to the Labor Day Festival in town before the rains come back in.  I should be upstairs unpacking my sewing room boxes, but it's kinda nice to relax for a little while. 

Wish I had pictures to share, but my battery is discharged, and haven't located my charger yet.  Maybe next week's posting.  Take care and we'll be chatting later......ciao for now -- Karen


  1. Welcome back, Karen! Looking forward to seeing pictures! :)

  2. Aaagh! I hate fleas. Me and the kitties can't remember the last time we had fleas. They don't like the smell of the spot on stuff but I think they hate fleas more. A pound of fudge sounds good. I love cheese but have to restrict my intake because I don't agree with dairy. Sounds like you had a lovely time. My DD2 is in NY on holiday at present. She says it has been really hot.
    Can't wait to see some photos.

  3. You've been a busy lady. We moved when our two youngest daughters were in college from the house we lived in for 25 years. It was kind of hard at the time. Fleas! Ugh!!!

  4. I'm glad you found a place, not the place you want as yet but you'll have time to really look now. Better not to buy in a hurry. I hate fleas...I hope they're all gone! You can sprinkle baking soda in the carpet to be sure, it's non-toxic except to the larvae of fleas.


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