Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sunny Days

It makes all the difference when the sun shines, doesn't it.  I would never do well in areas of the country that don't receive much sun -- like Seattle.  The ole motivation factor increases exponentially with the amount of sunshine during the day and decreases just as quickly with gloomy, rainy days.

So last Saturday the sun started shining again.  Happy day!   Lee got a ton of weeding done, and I got most of the weekly house-cleaning finished.  Huzzah!  In celebration, we decided to take a break and visit a couple of yard-sales before the rain clouds came back in the afternoon.

I love yard sales.  I usually find something I just can't live without.  Here's my latest acquisition.  It's an old Hookah!  Yeah, not real useful for an asthmatic, but it'll be fun to have on the shelf for my family members to run across during the family reunion this year. Tee-hee.  It makes me smile to think of what my smart-alecky kids will have to say about this $5.00 deal.

Another yard sale yielded another great little find for $5.  It's a Kenmore 1755 mechanical sewing machine, made in about 1974.  It had a price tag of $25.00, but I was merely curious about the cabinet and was looking at it when the seller came up and told me I could have it for $20.  I said "No, thanks, I'm just admiring the cabinet" and walked away.  I truly wasn't interested.  My DD was looking around at other things she might use in her new apartment, so we were just poking around and he came up again and told me to please take it off his hands and offered to sell it for $10...then he said, here just give me $5.  Heck, I was half expecting him to offer to pay me $5.00 to take it away!  So I agreed and we loaded it into the car. All the way home I was kicking myself buying it because we're trying to get rid of things instead of acquiring more in anticipation of moving.  But my DH was very supportive of the buy when I got home, which made me feel much better about succumbing to temptation.  Here's a picture.... 

We put it in the laundry room and I started experiment with it later on that evening.  Yeah, not perfect, no surprise there -- it needed some TLC.  Now, it did fine straight stitching, but it couldn't zig-zag and some of the gears were frozen up beyond my abilities to free them.  Well, I figured, what the heck, and I took it into a repair shop to get an estimate on fixing it...$69...not high, but not low, either.  Actually, that's he customary cost for a basic cleaning in this part of the country, so I thought it might be worth it.  I was looking at his showroom of old used Kenmores and saw most of his stock was selling for about $120.  The repairman said this model was one of the finest Kenmores ever made and well worth the investment, so I said, "Okay."  Got it back Thursday, and it sews like a dream.  Even the cams work well.   So, it cost me a total of $75.00.  Not a bad deal, I guess.  Plus I have a pretty nifty cabinet as well.  It looks much like the old White "Workhorse" (from the 1940s) that was my Mom's machne, but not as heavy to lift -- Yay!  She just hums right along.  Nice.  I'm likin' her....guess its time to name her....any suggestions?


  1. I love rain, but all of my energy just goes down the drain with it - give me warm sunny days and I get much more done! Too funny about the hookah. I LOVE that sewing machine, what a great buy - the cabinet is lovely!!!, according to google the most popular girls' name in 1974 was Jennifer. But that seems too long for your machine. Maybe Jen?

  2. I purchased the same exact machine for $99 and your cabinet is sooooo much nicer. You really made out!

  3. Allie, I'm likin' Jen for a name. I named my Bernina, Bernie...but, I never named my I'm thinking of naming my cover-loc, Nessie (after Loc Ness). Hmmmm the serger and straight stitcher remain nameless as of tonight. I'm working on it though ;) Always open for suggestions.

  4. The cabinet is beautiful! You got a very good deal. Wish I could have been there to 'free up' the stuck parts for you. I love making sewing machine work! Secretly, I think that is why I am drawn to them. I feel the need to give them TLC! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    The machine I got is missing the extra 6 cams. The ones I need are kind of an orange/red color, flat, and two sided. The number on them are 2a 2b, 3a 3b, 4a 4b, 5a 5b, 6a 6b, and 7a 7b. Keep your eyes open for me. I can't seem to find them anywhere on the internet. I really would like to have them. If you find some, give me a shout!


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