Thursday, July 28, 2011


The good news, we sold our house.  The bad news, I've got to pack all this $%^&*( stuff.  Yikes!

Katie's gone :(
I was originally going to post about how sad it is to see Katie's room empty.  The lament of all empty-nesters...this is our baby, so we're getting to be Pros at this (not really -- Never).  Then, I was going to share the happiness of Katie's sister, Julia, coming home from St. Louis just to help her little sis move in....
Katie and Julia in the kitchen again-Kay looks thrilled, doesn't she
But then,  just a few days after these pictures were shot, we got an offer on our house.  Counter offers were made, and we all merged to agreeable terms of sale.  That was last Thursday, and we've been running around with our agent ever since looking at places .... running, running, running .... like crazed home-less folks.  In the mornings we'd look at apartments on our own, in the afternoons we'd look at houses with our agent.  We really haven't had a chance to miss Katie.

The next morning after getting the 1st contract to review, Lee and I sat out on the patio in the swing looking at our gardens we worked on for all these years.  We gazed out at the berry patch that was where we put the girls swing set and play house when we 1st moved in 21 years ago, and the flowers that was just a weedy mess a few weeks ago.

Patio Swing

Cone Flowers out back

THE apple tree Julie picked flowers from our 1st Spring here 1991

We relived stories of how our neighbors came over to help us build the garden shed, and how the 4-H bunnies cages lived behind that shed then moved into the garden where the bunnies could roam around freely.  We still have the scales and "bunny gear" on the back shelf of the shed.

We watched a turkey hen with her brood walking back to the woods from their journey to the apple trees between our house and the neighbors' and then recalled how we never saw turkeys or fox while our dog, Charlie, was living.

View from our dining room in Spring
We then recalled all the dogs from the neighborhood we knew... Fluffy, the knee-breaker, Barkley, the protector, and Indie, the rock-biter.

Laughed about how our neighbor's dog used to charge over to see us at a dead gallop everytime she was let outside.  When we were building the brick walkways and steps leading from the porch, she'd charge over through the cement and sand, so we'd have to redo everything again and again.   We were so aggravated at her, but it all melted away as she demanded her loving from us.  It took is several weeks longer just because of all the dog petting breaks we had to take.

Reliving the memories of the aches and pains we had after moving tons of brick piece by piece over the course of building those paths.  Our neighbor used to bathe my aching fingers in warm parafin from her physical therapy office every night that summer.  Washing dishes never felt so good.  Speaking of doing dishes...

I never showed ya'll my kitchen, please forgive me for bragging a little.  Our builder used to laugh and say how everyone can tell a woman designed this house....I'm going to miss all this space.

Then we started to get anxious about cleaning out all the tools we've accumulated through the years and packing them away, and how big of a storage unit/s we might need.  And, THE biggest question...where might we move to.... and how much must we pack away for long-term storage and how much to pack away for short-term.  That's when we decided to go out for breakfast and look for an apartment to move into before we got too nuts thinking about all these things and worrying ourselves to death about where we would live next month.  Sometimes, you just need to jump in and "do" instead of "think".  This was one of those occasions.

It's been 5 days now, and I just starting to pack today.  There has been so much to do to ready for the coming water inspection.  Plus we're still having showings as back-up to this offer....things can always fall through up to the last moments. This afternoon the home inspector comes with the buyers, so we have to be gone, but until then, it's still ours, and we will take the time to start the separation process by ourselves.  No cleaning this time, dirty dishes in the sink, laundry in the dryer.  We need time to be at ease right now. After all, this was our dream house that we had saved and sacrificed many years for.  We designed it, we had it built, we improved on it and we raised our children here.  It's always going to be a big part of us, even as we find another home to downsize to, where-ever that might be.  This home and this community will always be "home" in some fashion just as it has for the last 25 years.

Now, off to pack pack pack then pack some more.....I don't know if 3 weeks is enough time!  Yikes....still have to decide on a rental property in case we don't find a nice place to buy in the next few days.  Ah, the craziness begins.....

After running through about a dozen houses with our agent, we were surprised to find this little gem.  So, we put a bid on her contingent upon us closing the sale of our home.  What a surprise to discover it was built by the same builder that built our last two homes!  No wonder we felt so comfortable.  When our boys see the inside, they'll know right away why we chose this place... on the inside it looks a great deal like our home back in the 1980s where they grew up.  Circle of life kinda thing, I guess.

So, it belonged to a couple who recently passed away, and they took real good care of it.  Three bedrooms and two baths and a great room.  Plus, a nice kitchen and eating area.  The yard is much much smaller than these 2.5 acres we tend to now.  Most of the grass is in the front, with the back of the yard going nearly straight up a hill.  It has been terraced, but most of the back yard has not been made into lawn...its still wooded with a nice thick patch of briars behind a row of lovely white pine trees.  One apple tree, and one crabapple flank the back of the "yard" and there's a nice sized deck right in the middle of them.  If this becomes our new home, I'll be sure to post pix.

I don't think I'll be posting much for awhile because things are really hopping around here.  Enjoy the rest of July, Everyone.  I'll be reading, just not writing....not for a while.  Until later......



  1. Good news -- Our bid on the ranch has been accepted.
    Bad news -- the home inspection turned up a problem the buyers want fixed. This may be a deal breaker. I'll keep ya'll posted.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. You are certainly busy....I hope everything goes ok, that is a nice little ranch! Post when you can...

  3. Wow, all those memories. Hope it all works out for you.

  4. Congrats, how's it going now?

  5. What lovely memories of your time in your house. We will have to move eventually and I am not looking forward to it. Hope all goes well.


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