Friday, June 10, 2011

Packing up the Sewing Room

We got a couple of offers for the house this week which lead to a YIKES moment.  We're still negotiating, so it's not under contract, but it's time to seriously consider getting ready to move.  One of the rooms that make me the most nervous is my sewing room.  

So, I decided to start with my stash.  You can't tell from the picture, but all these shelves were piled to the brim with stuff.  So, a couple of days ago Lee picked up some boxes from Wally World and I started pulling piles of fabric out of the closet.  What to chose? Where to begin?  Nearly overwhelming.  

Well, after taking a couple of deep breaths, I decided to start with the fabric that I was sure I wouldn't use this summer.  First to go into the boxes, upholstering fabrics--Plop.  Next, I put in all the scraps of spandex and specialty spandex, keeping only black and white out in case I get an order.  Then all the jersey knits, keeping a few out for a couple of t-shirts and summer dresses I may be able to get to this summer yet.  Finally, all corduroys and wools and quilt-weight cottons and some yarns.

Wow!  What a difference it made in the closet as well as my attitude.  I feel such a relief.  Now, I still have a TON of stuff to pack yet, but it feels so much "lighter" in there.  Rejuvenated is the right word here.  I now plan to pack a box a week until I'm down to just the essentials.  

The plan is to put most of our things in storage and rent an apartment for a year while we scout around for a house to buy once we sell this place.  So, I'll have to whittle away more in that sewing room, but it's a good start.  One thing I've done is to donate some of my stash to the local high schools' Home Ec departments.  I wasn't sure if they'd want my stuff, but to my surprise, they did so I gave one of them some of my spandex, too, and offering to help teach a spandex class at one of the schools next Autumn because the teacher is nervous about sewing with spandex. 

Back to my roomier sewing room.  Finishing up some throw pillows for Katie's new apartment.  She chose some really pretty fabric, I'll have to take some pix and share with ya'll soon.  
~~ Karen


  1. Oh I cannot imagine having to clean out my sewing room. Wishing you an easy transition.

  2. Yay for a couple of offers! But YIKES on having to clean up your sewing room - I'd be in big trouble, lol. Good idea to pack away the stuff you know you won't use. And excellent to donate to the schools!

  3. You're so nice and organized now, that has to be a good feeling. Good luck on the house, keep us posted.

  4. Small world isn't it! Thanks for the visit, how's things going with the buying and selling?

  5. I certainly don't envy you packing up the sewing room. But don't go too crazy with giving things away. I know you said you were going to put hings in storage for a while but I can tell you I wish that I hadn't given away so much of my stash when I cleaned things out. I had lots of clothes patterns and some lovely fabrics but at the time I didn't think I would use them. Now I wish I had kept lots of it. So if you can afford to keep stuff just put in some lavender and box it up for a few years. If you still don't want it when you move into your new place then maybe get rid of it. I wish you all the best with the negotiations.


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