Thursday, June 2, 2011

Farm Market finally comes through

 These were supposed to be available for Mothers' Day...they were not, too cold.  Finally, the other day, the sign finally went up and I scored 4 quarts today!  Woo Hoo!  Aren't they gorgeous!  All hand picked and everyone perfectly ripe.  Notice how all the caps are standing straight....they were picked today. 

The market has a cool machine that one person drives to pick the berries.  There are two tractor seats about 10 inches off the ground in the back that two other people sit on to pick the berries as the tractor goes very slowly down the rows.  After about two rows, the riders switch sides so their muscles don't hurt so much from leaning .  My daughters worked this farm market through their high school years and once in awhile they were assigned "berry duty" which they loved.  The field hands got paid more than the market people.  Those kids had HUGE biceps by the end of summer from lifting tons of veggies.  I miss those days because we got 40% off all the produce but the sweet corn.  Now, I pay full price, but when you get beauties like these, I don't mind so much.

So, I thought I'd share some of my baby dresses my sisters saved for me.  This green dotted swiss was made for me by Evelyn one day.  I used to have a picture of me in it, but can't find it. My dad and mom had a summer cottage at a local lake where Evelyn and Betty (my sisters) and my folks spent the summers.  Evelyn said she made this for me to help pass the time.  Yes, I was a late-in-life-baby.

 Here's a pink silk dress.  I don't know who made this, but the seams are pinked, so they were hand-made.  I'm thinking this was for my Betty's wedding, but I'm not sure.  I definitely was for a special occasion, being silk. 
 Evelyn whipped this up at the beach one day for me.  I had quite a few of these little sundresses at one time.
 I'm told this bonnet was mine, too.  The doll modeling it was mine.  She's a Betsy Wetsy and is missing most of her hair.
 This was one of my beach hats....funny, I had no swim suit, just my undies, but I had lotsa hats.
 This is a little slip that has delightful scalloping around the sleeves and hem.  Made in the Phillipines, and there are two tiny buttons and button holes on one of the sleeves.
This is all polyester and is very light weight.  You can see through it.  Yep, handmade. 

It's a beautiful evening tonight.  The lightening bugs started sparkling last night, so we're going out for a little walk to enjoy them.  Later....

~~ Karen


  1. Those strawberries look so yummy! My goodness your dresses and hats are sweet - makes me nostalgic just looking at them! I wish my mom had saved some of my stuff. I think I have two tiny sweaters she made me.

  2. Yummy strawberries. I've been able to buy some pretty good ones so far this year.
    Your dresses are beautiful. It is awesome that someone put them away and kept them for you!!!

  3. Hi Karen, I can't believe you have such a collection of your baby dresses. Somewhere safe I have put away the one dress I made to bring home my daughters from the hospital. So they won't find much:) The strawberries look delicious. I would hate to have to pick for hours. Only for the young and fit.

  4. The baby dresses are sooooooooooo sweet. The berries look yummy. Enjoy them. Glad the weather finally cooperated.

  5. Thanks for following, Val! I love your site, and really enjoy your Kitties' pictures.

    The berries have been so delicious. So much so that I've been hesitating putting any into the freezer since we're constantly grabbing a handful all day long. They'll be gone soon at this rate. Think I need to buy more before they stop selling them at the market.

    Have a great week, Everyone....Hugs


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