Monday, May 16, 2011

Hello Again

Still working on these Bridal/Prom bags.  Here's my latest design -- the best part is that its repurposed, too.

Once upon a time this used to be a bow tie on an old 80s satin blouse that was used in a school play and picked up at the Goodwill Store years ago.  The beads came from a wedding dress I picked up at a yard sale, and the lining is from a Victoria's Secret Cami that was headed for Goodwill, too.  The only things "new" are the organza ribbons and the silk thread.

This all came about from cleaning out our basement clutter.  So, while going through boxes and boxes of saved items from the kids' school years, I ran across the satin blouse by Dior.  I kept picking it out of the trash pile because the fabric was so soft and silky.  Finally I broke down and saved it thinking I could find something to do with that luscious fabric. 

After thinking about it for several days, I decided to try making a Bridal Bag out of the flouncy bow.  And... Voila!  It's been a big hit, so I've duplicated the pleating of the original bow and have made a few more bags for the Shop from the remainder of the blouse.  They're smaller than the traditional Bridal bags, but they're just the right size for carrying a lipstick, hankie and cell phone.  What more does a bride or her attendants need!

The bag opened fully
Next on the agenda:
I also "saved" a pencil skirt made of beige satin with an India print organza overskirt.  What to make from this is currently on my mind.  Maybe a clutch, maybe a Cami, maybe something else.

Ciao for now.....

~~ Karen


  1. The bag is very pretty, very creative on your part. What's a pencil skirt?

  2. That is just luscious - very elegant - and re-purposed, good for you!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you, Guys. Glad you like it.
    Sandy, a pencil skirt is a straight skirt. This one is long, going to ankle length on a couple of pretty tall young ladies.
    It has only two panels, too, so the amount of fabric available to work with is pretty substantial. I'm pretty psyched to play around with it.


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