Saturday, May 28, 2011

Christmas Through the Year

I've been working on the May gift, but it's not quite finished, darn.  The good news is I've got a great jump on June's gift.  I can't say what it is, because it's for one of my followers, but I do have something I can share with you.  After you finish here, hop on over to Allie's place to see what Everyone's been working on....some sweet things there.

Handmade cotton dress for Julie

Matching corduroy pinafore for Julie
I pulled these out of the cedar chest last week.  I made two sets of cotton dresses and corduroy pinafores for my little girls way back in 1990.  They were from a very old pattern my sister, Evelyn, gave me to use, probably dating from  1950s.  Evelyn made many dresses for me when I was small.  She was 22 years old when I was born and already an accomplished seamstress.  I have a picture of her wedding party which shows her in her wedding dress and my other sister, Betty, in her bridesmaid's dress -- both handmade by Evelyn.  It's been digitized, but its on my other computer, so I can post it yet.  I'll try to get it online next time.  Have a great weekend, Everyone. 
~~ Karen


  1. Such cute dresses... its fun that you have kept them...

  2. There is always NEXT month... that's whats so good about this group... all you get is encouragement!

  3. OH such sweet dresses! Don't worry girl, you've got two days, or you can always count it for next month. No stress, ok?

  4. Darling dresses. I think we must be about the same age, as I remember my Mother making me similar styles. That was when little girls dressed like little girls, not smaller visions of some movie stars. Then you got a little older, (out of grade school), and you wore skirts. You've taken me back.

  5. I think we may be, too, Sandy. I've recently run across several toddler sized dresses I used to wear. Maybe I'll do another posting soon, showing those.

    Allie and Cheryl, no stressing here :o ... but, it always surprises me how quickly the months pass, though. I love seeing what others have done. Such a fun idea, Allie.


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