Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, time for Mutterings, Memories and Musings, not necessarily in that order

One of the blogs I follow is Sandy's Space.  She started a meme entitled Monday Memories, Mutterings, and Musings.  Memes can be fun, and I've participated in a couple and enjoyed them each time.  So, I'm jumping in on Sandy's.  As the title indicates, its just an opportunity to chat on Monday about something on your mind.  It can be a memory, an idea, a rant, or a story.  Sounds fun, right!  I encourage you to hop on over to her site and join in!  Its a great way to find new readers and get to know one another a little better. She's got Mr. Linky up and running, so it's nice and easy.

Here's my little Musing -- its a sad one:
   Well, its more of a study on the state of economic affairs. 
   This weekend a neighbor we've known for over 22 years just up and moved out of their home handing the keys to their the bank.  One of their four grown children posted on Facebook pictures he took of his emptied childhood home.  Sad.  We all moved into the neighborhood when our kids were wee ones (ages 2 and 3 and 4 ish).  They are all grown now and it should be a time for folks of our age to be retiring and enjoying travel, grandkids, and the fruits of our labors.  Instead, many of us are going bankrupt, losing our homes, and starting over from scratch.  So many of us took a beating to our retirement and college funds with the recent market problems -- we certainly did.  Now our homes' values are suffering terribly.  Luckily, this man still has his job, but for how long.  You see, he's a teacher at a public vocational school here in Ohio where Issue 5 was just passed.  One of the consequences of Issue 5 (briefly, that's the one in which the State is essentially de-fanging public employee unions) is that many schools started cutting salaries of the teachers and in many cases, cutting teaching staff in favor of newer teachers coming in on the bottom of the salary schedule .  In this man's case, his entire school is in danger of being eliminated.  I worry this is the start of wholesale sell-off of public education -- outsourcing, if you will.  I know that our schools have issues with lack-luster performance, but is this going to solve the problem or just repackage it?  I'm just wondering, that's all.  I have no answers, but I've been wondering as to how this will all shake out.  In the meantime, friends and neighbors struggle along. 
   The Governor talks about how this will save so much money and will provide opportunities for our children to make a good life here in Ohio.  Well, as I gaze out my window and look up and down the block, I take a quick count.  Of all the kids that lived grew up here there is only 3 of the 16 that continue to live in Ohio.  No jobs, no prospects for jobs, no desire to pay so much in taxes. Gosh I hope he's right, but I don't know if there's going to be much of a population to get this New Era going.  The young workers don't seem to be staying, at least not in this middle-class neighborhood.  And, many of their parents are leaving now, too.  I'm dubious.  It seems to me, cutting out union bargaining isn't adding any new jobs, it's just increasing unemployment among it's citizens. 

Anyway, that's the end of my publishing anything approaching a political view, I promise.  Our friend and neighbor is just weighing on my mind today.  Wishing them all the best as they start all over again.  I'm off to the Sewing Room to finish up some photography and ironing.  Ciao for now,
~ Karen


  1. Thanks for joining the Monday Meme and encouraging others to do the same.

    Sorry to hear about your neighbor, I wish him the very best and hope things turn around for him. How sad. I'm puzzled though why he would loose his house if he's still employed?

    I don't ususally speak about political things either, but am so upset about the Gov. and don't see any way what he did will be helpful. I'm old enough I remember how bad things were for people before they had a union to speak up for them. I also know history and know Hitler got rid of the Unions too before taking full control and we all know nothing good came of that. People deserve job security, deserve a say in their work situation. By getting rid of the Unions many will suffer. AND the Rep. Party will gain big time. Without Unions to fight them, to pay for ads for the people running against them they have a better shot at a monopoloy...and that's never good for anyone except those in power. All the State employees I know already were paying more into their retirement, paying more for insurance, and making less then friends in the private sector. I'm not buying into his plan and hope lots of other folks take stock in their neighborhoods too.

    Hope you got some good sewing time in. I tried to play with squares to desgin another ghan and the creative juices weren't flowing. ARgh.

  2. The times are tough and they keep getting harder. I wish your friends the best. Hope you find some comfort today.

  3. Things ARE bad. I hear on the news every night that the economy is getting better, and I wonder who in the world are they trying to kid.
    I know in Detroit, they're closing schools left and right - cutting everything EXCEPT the administrators who make SO much money, while the kids have to bring their own toilet paper to school. Something has to change. Teachers are having to supply their classrooms with paper. I think they should let the teachers be in charge!

    I hope your friends are able to find some way to thrive.

  4. It surely is interesting an time we're living through. I heard the other night of a bill being considered which would allow the voters to recall public officials after they were first I thought "Yeah, Baby", then I started thinking about it more.

    Thanks for your comments and well-wishes. I know Craig will be fine; they already made a change that they feel they can live with, but wow, what a cost. How many of us are just one setback away from bankruptcy? Too many of us, now, I'm afraid.

  5. Something has got to give, but sticking it to the teachers and other public employees like fire fighters, etc... can't be the right way. These folks already make such small salaries as it is. If not for their unions, it would be even worse. As a teacher of 33 years, I know how hard it is. I don't agree with everything the unions do, but if the government was fair to these employees in the first place the unions would be a non issue! Whew! Just had to get that off my chest. Thank God I am retired, but with a husband who is a real estate agent I am thinking about trying to find a part time job. I may go back to school as a sub. Think they'll be hiring?


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