Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter, Everyone

Thought I'd share Mom's Easter Bunny from her childhood.  He's shy about his age, but I can tell you that Mom was born in 1905, so you can do the math.  His ears look so dirty in this picture, but I never noticed them until I posted it!  He's been well loved that's for sure.  I'm packing him away tonight, so he'll have to wait another year for them to get cleansed.

He's always been in the Family's Easter basket every year -- the kids get a basket each, and then the whole family got one, too.  He's too delicate now to allow the kids to play with him, so we always made another basket just for him.  He's already lost one of his eyes, poor guy.  While Mom was alive, she really enjoyed seeing him displayed again each year.  Now that the kids are grown, we don't make baskets, so he just sits on the table or the mantle hanging with Lee and me for the season.

I'm going through all the old things from my mom and dad, and my husband's mom and dad.  We're hoping to move soon (the house is up for sale), and I'd like to divide most of these keepsakes among the kids now, so we don't have to lug everything around again or take the chance of a catastrophe occurring while things are in storage.  This little guy is staying with me awhile longer, though.  I'll have to find a safe spot for him for the move.

Hope this Season finds Everyone well and enjoying Spring or Autumn if you're in the southern hemisphere.  I'm pleased to report that Spring has sprung for Central Ohio, finally.  Peace and Love....
~~ Karen


  1. He's so precious Karen, what a lovely memory. I think I would keep him close and not put him in storage. Good idea to part things out now, you'll have less to move!

  2. Thanks, Guys. This little guy always makes me smile. He's so cute ;)


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