Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Machine Embroidery Fun

s2010 12 25 Jay's Apron b
s2010 12 25 Jay's Apron b,
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Jackalopes!  Yes, I torment our kids.  I admit it.  And furthermore, I enjoy it, too!  One of the best memories our family shares (much to Julie's chagrin) was/is our teasing her about jackalopes.

Our first trip with Julie "out West" happened when she was 11 (and Katie was 9).  We told the kids all about things we'd be seeing during our journey, including jackalopes, which she didn't "buy" at all.   All through Illinois and Iowa we insisted on the reality of jackalopes.  Katie was convinced, but Julie being confident and smart, and much more worldly at the ripe old age of 11, claimed we were full of..."beans" or something.  We held our ground, though, and she held hers even more tightly.  The more we insisted, the more adamant she became and the greater her dislike of jackalopes and all things jackalope-like.  Finally, we arrived at a coffee shop which had the actual critter mounted on the wall.  She became very angry about the breadth of such a deception, and loudly proclaimed her disbelief!  The more jackalopes we found along the way, the more agitated she became.  Throughout our trip, she remained unconvinced, but we never admitted to anything. Finally, she just put her foot down and refused to discuss it any further!  (She felt the same way about Santa Claus as a baby, too....uncanny, huh)

So last year I found this embroidery motif at Urban Threads.  PERFECT!  (I did the happy jackalope dance and let out a little whoop)  So, of course, I had to make Julie something featuring this would have been a sin do let it pass!  I chose to put it on a bib apron, and added the wording "Julie, Believe...".  It was so much fun.  I wonder if she let out a small howl when she opened up the gift.

Jackalopes, the gift that keeps giving ;) 


  1. Love the story! I can see you having fun with that when it happened, relieving it while you were stitching, again as you typed your blog post. And me thinks, it will come up again. lol

    Thanks for the visit, and the kind words about my Buckeye Sweater set. I did get it finished in time and will post a picture in a couple of days.

    Have a great Wed.

  2. LOL! Yeah, me thinks it will,too. Julie's all grown up now, and reads this blog from time to time, and I'm just waiting for that phone call from her....wonder what she'll say ;) (teeeheee)

  3. Karen, you won my January Apron Challenge giveaway! Check my blog for your prize, and please email me with your home address. :-)


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