Friday, February 25, 2011

Hand Towels from the 40s -- naughty and nice

 So, many times I mention my mom here.  She was a pretty cool lady, and she was my mother having passed away when I was five.  I refer to her as Mom, because she raised me and couldn't have loved me more had she given birth to me.  Anyway, she remained a single lady until she was 51 years old when she married Dad way back in 1960.

Here's one of the fun items she had in her "downstairs bathroom" that simply tickled me when I went to visit her while they were dating.  These are two matching hand towels that she used for decoration.  Aren't they sweet (and a little naughty to a shy little girl, too)!  (She also had scented bathsalts, a shower cap, and ivory, it was so much fun to stay overnight at her place--we didn't have such luxuries in our bathroom back home ;)  Lucky for me, she accepted Dad's proposal and brought her sense of style and fun into my life permanently.

Since I've recently blogged about taking up hand embroidery again, I thought you might like to see some vintage embroidery I treasure.  I think she got these in the 40s, but I'm not sure if she made them or if she purchased them.  She had many of this sort of fun things.  She loved Betty Boop and Felix the Cat, and had so many items with those images around in her kitchen and bathes.  I wish she had kept more of them, because these are the only things that survived.  They now live in my bathroom.  I've protected them though, because they are so precious to me.  She was the original shabby chic ;)  Hugs and Have a great week
~~ Karen
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  1. How darling!! So glad you have something to remember her by, she sounds like someone I'd love to have known. A true blessing to you!

  2. The towels are cute! Made me smile and think about my grandmother who was very proper and always neat items like this.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Everyone. I'm glad you guys think they're cute, too. Mom had such a sweet sense of humor.

  4. I just love this kind of stuff...It sounds like she did have a sense of humor for sure!!


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