Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bathroom Update as Promised

Update on the bathroom redo....its done.  It's not painted gray like we wanted, its now white.  Can't go wrong with white.  I never dreamed it was going to be such a pain, but suffice it to say, the ordeal is now behind us.   Now, lets move onto more fun topics...

Catching up on my emails this morn, I found this very nice tutorial on installing snaps.  Just follow this link to "sewing4 home" , and I'll also place the link on the Tip of the Day page for you to find later if you want. 


  1. Congrats on being DONE - no feeling quite like it! And congrats too on winning Jenny's giveaway, you rock!

  2. Yeah, it really does feel good ;) it was torn up almost 3 weeks, so its just plain wonderful to take a shower now without having to move a ladder or paint cans to brush my teeth. I'm doing the happy dance, still, about my Apron Book. It's soooo cool.


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