Thursday, February 3, 2011

2009 01 28 Bernina 440 QE a

2009 01 28 Bernina 440 QE a
2009 01 28 Bernina 440 QE a,
originally uploaded by Flamingo K.
Miss Bernie is finally embroidering again….not because the software is now working with Windows 7, but because I hooked it up to an old laptop with XP on it.  So, this is a temporary fix until the laptop’s mother-board fries.  Hopefully, the Bernina techs will have perfected their patches (yeah, that was somewhat sarcastic) 
I’m so happy!  I’m back in the sewing business again.

~~ Karen


  1. Oh my - I hope they update that soon! Glad your sewing again!

  2. Thanks, Allie. I'm so happy to be back at my favorite machine...the good news is I got all my backed-up ironing done while I was out of commission ;)


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