Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tee-Shirt Quilt, the final chapter

Quilt on it's side

My second UFO is finished!  Yeah, Baby!

Personalize Machine Embroidery
So, KatieLu came home December 20th or so and has been using her new quilt in her cold cold room .... unfortunately, I still hadn't sewn on the binding.  I've been worried she'd get stuck with some pins or tear the stuffing or something else bad would happen.  That is remedied as of today!  She'll be sleeping safely tonight.  Whew!  Now, here's what I learned from this project:
  • Kids gather hundreds of t-shirts in their young lives
  • Mothers hoard too many of these t-shirts
  • Hoarding leads to quilting
  • Quilting leads to hoarding
  • T-shirt quilts get heavier with age (or mothers get weaker)
  • My Bernina came with a walking foot, not a big scary monster-bug in a box
  • A quilt is an unruly thing to feed through a little sewing machine
  • The last statement is an understatement
  • Two new cuss words
So, all in all, this was a successful venture.  I met a wonderful lady, Kay B., who taught me how to construct one of these things, how to match points using glue stick, how to repair mis-measurements, how to not stress over the details, and how important it is to put a name tag on your quilt so no one steals your thunder decades from now.  Plus, she gushed and oohed and forced others to do the same thing for me.  THANK YOU, KAY!!!  I'll always love you for it all ;)


  1. This is amazing - I laughed so hard at your list of what you learned! A friend wants me to make her son one for college, he's a diver and has tons of dive meet t-shirts from when he was 6 years old til today. Probably enough for a quilt for everyone in the dorm. I don't think I'll do it.....especially not after reading your list, lol! You did a brilliant job on it Karen, you can be very proud of this quilt!

  2. LOL! Thanks, Allie. I'm happy I made you smile, but hope I didn't scare you away from making one for your friend. This was my 1st official quilt (I hand sewed a small one while in traction for a month way back in 1970, so I don't think that counts). I really didn't know what I was doing, so I was scared. I took a class at a sewing shop from Kay B. and she was so patient and held my hands through it all. It really WAS fun and I have more shirts from Katie's college career that I'm going to make into a large pillow for's on my UFO list :)

  3. The quilt is great.... and I loved reading the post..... I see this was your first quilt... you started with a hard one!! I found the stretchiness the hardest thing (I made one from baby clothes)....
    I'm sure Katie loves it... lots of memories..

  4. Wow, so this is the hardest. Really didn't know that...and that's probably a good thing or I'd never would have gotten those tshirts outta here ;) The stretchiness wasn't too hard while I was working on each block since I ironed on a tricot stabilizer backing, but it still stretched a little. In fact, after I got it all together, I found one side is about 2 inches longer than the other...shhhh don't tell anyone. One of those "Oh well" moments LOL Thanks for visiting BubzRugz...


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