Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Sewing Hack's New Year's Resolution

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I enjoy reading Another Creation by Elaray. A few weeks ago, she published an article in which cautioned against becoming a sewing "Hack".  In her article she reflected on ways to attend to some details while making a pair of pants.  She was striving to pay closer attention to the quality in the process more than the quantity of items she could produce.  As I read her article, I found myself longing to start sewing up a pair of pants for myself, too, but luckily, I stopped myself.  Whew!  She was preaching, but I was listening to the Devil.  I was in danger of becoming a Hack by lusting after another pair of slacks!   Do I need a pair? Yes!  Do I have time to make a pair? NO! Right now I have no less than four uncompleted projects on my sewing table and one in my knitting basket.  I must finish these before I take on any more -- I simply must.  With more projects piling up, I start taking shortcuts and voila...I've lessened my quality time.  Heck, isn't that one of the reasons to construct your own garments in the first place -- to create something of quality that you've envisioned?  Well, for me it is the major reason I start a project, but all to often I end up just wanting to get it done so I can move onto something else.  It's maddening! 

How many projects "on deck" should one person have?  Well, my limit is four as of right here and now.  And four makes me uncomfortable enough, thank you very much.  I think two would feel more comfortable.  So, tonight while I pick up my new eye-glasses from Sears, I'll shop for new slacks at the mall, then come home and sit down at my trusty machine for an hour or so and get some work done on one of my projects.  Maybe I can get a better grip on some "quality" sewing instead of so much "quantity" sewing.  My New Year's promise to myself.  How about you?  Do you have a New Year's wish for your crafting?


  1. AMEN to limiting the number of projects that one person should have going at any one time. I took a step back and made a similar decision back a few months ago.

  2. Yeah! How do these things get so out of hand, Julia???? I know, it's like when we were kids and our moms would say to us "your eyes were bigger than your stomach" ... yup, that's me all over.

  3. Oh preach it girl! I like to sew fast, but I don't like to feel rushed - I hate the feeling of Time shoving me along. Good for you on buying yourself a pair of pants!!


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