Sunday, January 30, 2011

For Charity and Home – Cat Beds

All week I’ve been fiddling with my embroidery software which started acting-up with the new anti-virus software put onto my computer---hours and hours I've spent installing and uninstalling programs. Argghhh. 

I’ve gotten precious little done sewing-wise (or otherwise!)…just this little cat bed that I did up by hand (sorry, couldn't get either of the cats to pose inside, but they really do love it).   

 It’s made from Katie’s ugly, old dorm-comforter that she threw away with gusto when she got home.  I salvaged it, washed it and yesterday, cut it into smaller pieces, and sewed them into basket liners for the kitties’ baskets.  There are 6 blocks than can be sewn up from one twin-size comforter.  We’ll use only two, so we’ll take the rest to the local shelter this coming week.  They can always use washable and soft little kitty-beds for their clientele.   

An update on the Christmas Throughout the YearAllie has posted a Linky to show all the gifts completed so far for January.  There are some really fabulous things folks have made.  If you'd like to join in, there's no pressure and you can share your sewing ideas with us, too.  The button on the right will take you to her posting about the Project, and here's the link to her posting with Mr. Linky...  Happy Sewing, Everyone…
~~ Karen


  1. ARGH - I hate when that happens with my software, Karen! What a headache - I hope you have it all fixed now, hon!

    I LOVE your kitty beds! What a great way to salvage a comforter. And how splendid that you're taking the rest to the shelter. They'll appreciate that!

    Thanks for the plug too, I'm so amazed at all the wonderful projects that are showing up - it's so inspiring to me and hopefully everyone else too! Thanks Karen!

  2. My dogs and cats sleep in my quilts, but disapear when I take a photo...
    Thanks for your visit...

  3. Maricarmen, they really know all the warm places to snuggle ;) Thank you for your visit and following, too!

    Alli, I'm still fussing with it, but I remain hopeful. I really am getting so many ideas from all the projects. They truly are inspiring. Thanks for doing this for us.


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