Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bathroom from 1990

entering the little girls' room
Collection of bathroom pretties

Barren wall from previous paper removal
As if I don't have enough irons in the fire, I decided now's the time to tear into this project, too.

So, this is the girls' bathroom decorated in 1990 when we moved in (there used to be a border with turquoise fish, too, but happily, that came down a few years ago).  The girls no longer live here, and the remaining wallpaper is getting ragged.  Time for a change.  Wish I could afford a complete redo, but after that Hawaii trip, there's no money left for such frivolities.  Instead, I'm going to strip the paper and paint, replace the fan, get a new shower curtain and window treatment, and change out the towel bars etc.  Thinking of beige or silver (there's gray and beige on a white background on the ugly vinyl flooring, so that's why I'm going with those colors.  Even though the sink looks yellow, it's more pastel than it appears in the pictures, so I'm leaning towards gray... the paint chips of beiges I've been bringing home just don't look right with the woodwork, so it'll be either gray or brown. I'll post more after we get the painting done, but right now we're just working on stripping off the paper and glue removal.


  1. Good luck with this project. I have found that bathrooms and kitchens are the hardest rooms to do because of all the fixtures, etc. that you have to work around.

  2. I agree, Julia. Last year we removed the paper in the kitchen and this year the bath... and getting around the toilet was quite the challenge. I replaced the outlets at the same time in the kitchen and glad I did because there were a couple of loose connections and frayed wires. Thinking of doing the same in the bath just to play it safe.

  3. Ugh what a job - ours need a complete re-do, tearing up floors and pipes, so we're putting it off. 5 years so far, and counting, lol. I think gray is a wonderful choice!

  4. Are you using "DIF" to remove the wallpaper?? it works! just let is set for 20 minutes after spraying it on!

  5. Actually, Georgia, I have used Dif, but now we use a mixture of half Windex and half tap just pretty well, too.

    I'd love to do a complete redo, Allie...just can't afford it right now....wish I could talk my husband into at least replacing the vinyl with tile, but he's not budging on his "just say no" stance ... Some silliness about having to remove the toilet and his aching back ;)


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