Friday, October 1, 2010

Photo Friday - Antique Quilt, Cleaned Successfully

First you clean the bathtub....

Yes, the bathtub method worked pretty well.  I used Baby Magic in the bathwater, soaked the quilt for about an hour, then lifted it out carefully and -- don't gasp -- put it in my front load washing machine on gentle shortened cycle to rinse and extract the water.  All but one wood stain came out, and I'm so very pleased. 

A few pictures below of my Mom's antique quilt all cleaned up.  All I know about it is that she and her mother made this in the 1930s from saved scraps.  I think its so pretty. 

a side-ways look ... google has gotten quirky


  1. How fortunate you are to have this treasure. It's very beautiful. Hard to believe it is made form scraps.

  2. Thanks, Trudy. I have always wanted to use this, but with kids and cats around, I just put it away for safe keeping. Now that the kids are gone, I pulled it out and fell in love with it again. I remember a couple of these fabrics in my mom's old aprons she wore as I was growing up, and some look like men's boxer short material to me, so maybe they made the men their undies, too. It makes sense since they were farmers and had to rely on a traveling salesman to purchase things they didn't make themselves. Much different times.


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