Thursday, October 28, 2010

Class for Biking Shorts

My class for Biking Shorts has been set at last for November 12th.  The shop owner tells me she thinks there will be alot of interest, but I'm dubious.  We'll see how many folks sign up.  Right now I have one, so it may be an easy class.

The most exciting thing though, is the gray spandex arrived yesterday, and I'm really pleased with the quality.  It matches up perfectly with the weight and tone of the scarlet I have on hand.  Of course I had to make a pair right away.  I've been working on the tutorial, and will be posting it next week to accompany the class. 

I think I'll try another pair today with a different design approach....instead of replacing one of the panels with an accent color, I'm going to try to cut that panel in half lengthwise and make the accent color block less wide.  This will make it an eight-panel design, then, and I'm not sure if the added seam will fall in an uncomfortable way or not.  Only one way to find out....make it and send it off to my favorite model to test drive.  There's a reason she's known for her spandex wardrobe -- she gets all my experiments ;)   

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