Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quilting Still

This quilt has been a challenge at times, but I'm gaining more confidence.  After our second class, we were sent home to continue cutting our squares and fusing the tricot on the backs, and I did that.  The following class we brought in our blocks and started cutting our sashing.  At this point I found many of my blocks were no longer 12 1/2" square.  What the heck!  So, the instructor suggested I just trim my blocks to 12" or less instead.  I was sooooo bummed -- I thought I had been so careful.

So I worked on it all week.  First I re-measured each block (26 of them) and noted their dimensions on sticky notes.  I discovered that only one block was "off" was by 3/4" in one direction.  Most were 1/8" or less "off", and a few were 1/4" off; only two were perfect.  So, I took the one block that was off by 3/4" out of the mix and appliqued cutout pieces of it onto a new block that I cut out of the back of another t-shirt.  Then I trimmed all the blocks down to 12 1/4" squares.  Through all this I discovered that those blocks I had appliqued were the ones that were off by 1/4".  Aha!  This is why the blocks seemed to shrink!  Note to self....rough cut, stabilize, applique, and THEN final trim.

Yesterday I started the sashing and cornerstones.   I'm so happy to report this has been going pretty well so far.  I went with black sashing.  I found a black print with tiny white paw-prints on sale at Jo-Ann's one day while waiting for Lee to finish up getting his car fixed -- what luck.  I bought enough to back the quilt and add sashing.  It's perfect because the school mascot is a bulldog.  For the cornerstones I decided on a bright pink batik -- Katie's bedding is vivid oranges, pinks, and greens.  This should fit in pretty well, and it's her favorite color.  I'm going to try to embroider a flamingo (her basketball nickname) in redwork on a few of those cornerstones and a bulldog on a few of the sashes.  That's today's project.  No pictures today, sorry, but I promise to get some up next time. I've gotta get my camera battery charged first.  

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