Monday, August 16, 2010

Easy Ironing Board Cover

Isn't it incredible how many irons we can fit in the fire at times !?!  

We just got home from another week-long journey to see the grand kids during which I kept thinking about all the Unfinished Objects I have waiting in my sewing room.  So, what did I do when I got home?  I started a new project, of course.  At least, I finished this one, and I love it!  It only took an evening. 

Here's the story.  I bought this fabric back in 1999 to make curtains for our summer cottage we had then.  I never got the curtains made, and the cottage has long-since been sold, and it's been sitting in my stash all these years.  Well, last night I pulled it out to get to something else, and fell in love with it all over again.  It's so bright and cheery, fresh-looking.....and cobalt blue is my favorite color.  Well, it hit me as I was admiring it, that I could make a new cover for the ironing board pretty easy enough, and a few hours later, Voila! 

Try making one for yourself.  Its so easy!  You'll need 100% cotton fabric and about 120" length of narrow cording or elastic.  (Sheeting or duck fabric works nicely, but you can use denim, poplin, or even sheets, just make sure its color-fast and washable). 

First, measure the length and width of your board at its widest part.  Remember, not all boards are the same size, so if you're unsure, make it bigger than necessary, the remainder will tuck under if its too long or wide.  Then add at least 3 1/2 inches all around for finishing and for making a casing for the cording or elastic. 

Next, cut out a rectangle of your fabric to these dimension.  Then, place it on the board aligning it so the hang-over is equal on all sides.  Now, measure from the top of the board down 3 1/2 inches and mark with pins.   Remove the fabric and cut out the actual dimensions.

Turn over a hem 1/4 inch, press (you can stitch this down if you wish using a zigzag or straight stitch).  Now turn over again about 1 inch and pin.  Next, sew around to make a casing for your cording.  Remember to leave about 2 inches free for threading the cording.  Its a good idea to triple stitch this opening on each side because there will be lots of tension here when you tie the cording later.  (You will find the casing won't lay flat once you get to the round edges as you fold.  This is okay, it doesn't need to be neat here because it won't show.  Just make a tuck here and there as needed -- just make sure you keep the casing completely open all along the perimeter so the cording won't bind).

Finally, measure the perimeter of your cover and cut a length of cording to match this measurement plus 6 inches.  Use your bodkin or a safety pin attached to your cording to thread it through the casing leaving about 3 inches on each end for pulling taught and tying the cover tight.  

Place your new cover on the board, pull the cording tight snugging it up and tie it off.  You'll probably have excess cording now, and you can trim it once its fitted to your liking.  (I like to leave it a little longer than shorter so that I don't lose it inside the casing when I wash the cover later on).  

Easy-peasy.  Now, doesn't that make you want to press something ! 

**Now, if you want to get real fancy, you can line your board cover with a heat reflective fabric, too.  Just do this before making your casing.  I didn't do this because my original cover has this heat reflection on it, and I don't take my old cover off.  I just put new covers over the top of this old one.   

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  1. I must be the laziest person in the world sometimes! I see this cute cover and I know it's cute but I can't muster the motivation to do this! Ah, well, someday, and I'll have your tutorial to help me along. :)

  2. I know what you mean, Antoinette. I've been living with the old cover for so many years that it's embarrassing to look at -- you may have noticed I didn't show the old cover ;)

  3. What a great idea. I let mine get so raddy before replacing them. Shame on me.


  4. I love your new ironing board cover! Never thought of making one myself but I'm thinking that is a sewing project that even I could do!

  5. Thanks, Marlene. So glad you stopped by.


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