Saturday, February 6, 2010

Interfacing Guide

A handy guide from my Notebook  (I don't know if some of these companies still exist)
As a general rule, choose fusible interfacing one weight lighter than your fashion fabric.

Garments                            Fabrics                                        Fusible Interfacing
Separates  Dresses     voile, chiffon, lawn, gauze,            Pellon Fusible #906
  (sheer shaping)         batiste, georgette, charmuese       Sheer D'Light featherwt
                                    crepe de chine                               

(soft shaping)          challis, jersey, single knits,            Pellon Fusble #911FF
                                   tricot, crepe                                   Pellon EasyShaper#114ES
                                                                                           Sheer D'Light ltwt

   (crisp shaping)        shirtings, gingham, poplin,            Pellon Fusible #931TD
                                   chambray, seersucker, cotton       Pellon ShirTailor #950F
                                   broadcloth, cord, oxford cloth     Stacy Shape-flex #101SF
                                   pique, lightweight linen,               Form-flex All-purpose
                                  cotton blends, lightwt denim        Sheer D'Light medwt
                                                                                       Armo Shirt-Shaper
                                                                                       Shape Maker All-Purpose
                                                                                       Shirt Maker

Coats, Dresses,          wool, linen, denim, poplin,         Pellon Sof-Shape #880F
   and Suits                 corduroy, tweeds, flannel,         Armo Fusi-Form ltwt
(all-over shaping)      wool blends, gabardine,            Shape-up Ltweight
                                   synthetic leather, suede,           Suit Maker

(crisp shaping)                                                              Pellon Pel-Aire #881F
                                                                                     Armo Fusi-Form Suitwt
                                                                                     Armo Form-Flex
                                                                                     Shape-Up Suitwt

Knits Only                double knits, cotton knits,           Pellon Stretch-Ease #921F
                                blended knits, single knits,           Stacy Easy Knit 130EK
                                lightweight sweater knits,            Fusi-knit
                                terry, jersey, lightwt velour,        Knit Fuze
                                sweatshirt fleece

* Rayon velvet can't withstand the temperatures of ironing on fusible interfacing.
* Test on silks.
taken from a book by Nancy Zeimann                                        

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