Saturday, January 2, 2010

Getting Organized

Sounds like another tiresome New Year's Resolution, doesn't it?  LOL.  Nah.....not really.  I don't do resolutions, at least not for New Years.

However, for awhile now I've been wanting to take some time to start doing reviews on, but right now I'm not that well organized to actually sew something, finish it and review it here and there, too.  So as a first step, I'm setting up a widget here to list the patterns I have in my stash--a long list I'm afraid.  I'm also putting a picture of the pattern in my database so I can have a decent picture to put in my blog.  Then, one day I'll spend some time learning how to post the review to Pattern Review.  When (and let's face it ... IF... after all, we're talking about a quasi-resolution here ;) that day happens, I'll let ya'll know here.  

So scroll on down the left side of this page if you're curious what I have in on my may be surprised at what a hoarder I truly am.

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