Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Essentials for a Stash

Question:  What does a good sewing stash contain?

Many new sewists look toward us oldsters and wonder how to stock their stash.  I've seen the question posed on the blogs.  But, before we dismiss it out of hand, lets look at it again.  It's not as naive question as it first appears.

Now I have quite the stash.  I came by this stash as most of us do, by UFOOPPs (UnFinished Objects of Potential Projects).  You know...while shopping for one thing, you spy that wonderful fabric or pattern that you want to make.  You buy it, then, life takes over, you put it away for awhile, and as it lanquishes in the closet it ferments into "The Stash",  In addition, friends and family destash and feel that you might like some of their old UFOOPP's, too.  It grows and grows and gets passed around and around.

Back to the question -- I've been thinking, though.  If something awful happened, and I'd have to start from scratch, just what would I put into my new stash besides notions and tools.  First thoughts........
1.  I'd stock up on light-weight, medium-weight, and heavy-weight interfacing wovens and unwovens, self-adhering and not. 
2.  Stabilizers of assorted weights. 
3.  I'd also have some taffetas for linings, and some netting/tulle for stiffening.
4.  Stretch ribbons and lace, bias tapes, 1" elastic and a few 22 inch zippers (you can always make a 22 incher smaller). 
5.  And a bolt of muslin and medium-weight fleece for batting.
6.  Of course buttons, snaps, hooks and threads.
7.  Patterns....a dress, skirt, blouse, t-shirt to start.
8.  Books...Sandra Betzinger, Reader's Digest Book of Sewing (my goto books), and my past Threads magazines.
I find these things are really handy to keep on-hand in case I run up against a problem or two.  Now, if I lived near a fabric store, I might not need so much, but .... nah.... I'd still have all that stuff and a large empty closet also to start collecting fabric again because I am a realist, and I know.... I will go shopping one day soon and pick up 3 yards of a beautiful silk or linen or wool..... Popeye would say "I yam what I yam" .


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