Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mother of the bride dress revisited

You may recall how this fabric disintergrated before my very eyes while I was sewing it. I wore it as it was, but decided to go back and serge the seams so I could wash and wear it again. Well, finally, I finished serging the seams. It surely makes a big difference. All those awful fuzzies are gone. I also put the privacy panel on more securely.

Now, onto the jacket.


  1. Is that a poly brocade? I made the mistake of pre-washing some poly brocade and saw inches of fabric disappear before my eyes in the form of thread clusters. Bizarre...

  2. Very pretty fabric. The serging makes a difference, huh?

  3. It is a poly blend and "bizarre" is exactly the right word for what I was thinking at the time, too. I should have serged it to begin with...ah, live and learn ;)


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