Friday, October 16, 2009

Dresses for the Mother of the Bride

Sub-Title...A Dress, Not a Tent, Thankyou Burda

As promised, here's what I ended up wearing to Julie's wedding. BTW--These handsome gentlemen are my twin sons.

Even though I'm not an oft-time wearer-of-red, it was Julie's favorite fabric of all we pick out, and I too found it lovely. A red and gold brocade sari print with a gentle border print of gold arches that we purchased this from JoAnn's, of course.

Brocade is a very fragile weave that tends toward entropy almost immediately upon cutting from the selvages. Every seam (and there are many) needed to be stay-stitched. Even then, each edge unraveled uncontrollably before I could complete any seam. (Note: I've decided to go back and serge each seam before I launder it. Otherwise, I fear it will just turn into a cluster of raveled fibers instead of a remaining dress.)

I chose to use Burda 7666 view A. It's really pretty easy to sew and has a nice drape for the larger woman and provides a dress, not a tent. The sleeves are not sleeves, but are straps that have many gathers that fall into a sleeve-like effect. This is one feature that drew me to the dress design. The one drawback with the style is the wide neckline. I had difficulty finding a brassiere that had a low enough cut. I ended up having to pin the dress to my bra even after shortening the straps substantially.

The pattern calls for a back zipper, but I instead chose to use three buttons along the bodice back with covered elastic loops. It then needed a privacy panel underlining the expandable back area, but that required minimal work compared to putting in a zipper in such tricky fabric. The lining is a yellow satin attached at the empire waist and falls to the hem, hanging loose of the hem. The skirt has a back slit.

The plan was to make the jacket as well, but I just didn't have enough time to finish it. I'm hoping to get back to it soon.

As you may recall, I tried 4 different patterns making wearable muslins of all of them before choosing which dress to go with. Thought you might like to see the muslins I made....
I wear this all the it. The neck was too big, so I took a tuck in the middle and finished with a decorative button.
Easy Peasy
Schweet, and quite striking. Comfy, too.
I really like this dress the best, but I'm not crazy about the fabric. I'll definitely make it again soon.


  1. I think you chose well, even if the fabric was a pain to work with. The red is gorgeous. I love all of the dresses though.

  2. Thanks, Julia. I haven't made so many clothes for myself since high school. Its been fun.


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