Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Here's the Bridesmaids' Dresses as promised

As you may recall, these were made from this Vogue pattern .

They were cut entirely on the bias from a polyester satin called Electric Blue purchased at Jackman Fabrics. This pattern was really quite easy to work with as long as the fabric is 60" wide. Otherwise, there isn't enough room to lay the pattern on the bias without splicing pieces together where the join would be visible. With the 60" width, the splice is in the bodice facing which is hidden. This fabric was quite lovely to work with, too. Not a bit slippery and ironed up easily. It also launders like a dream. Just remember to use a microtek needle in the machine. For the seam finish, I simply stay-stitched each seam allowance. Unraveling isn't a problem with this fabric.

The straps can be sewn in place, but we chose to just pin them under the jeweled buttons on the bodice. This way, the straps can be worn in other arrangements than the tied configuration the girls are wearing here. It was important to the bride that the attendants have dresses that they could wear again. These fit the bill well. If they choose, the girls can shorten their dresses to cocktail length easily and have a totally new look.

I added the pearl and rhinestone clasp in the back for added interest. We used an invisible zipper, too. I lengthened the stitch length and left a 2" tail which all help eliminate the "bubble" at the bottom of the zip which is often times common. Here's one final picture of the finished project.


  1. You have done good job! That blue is one of my favorite colours, I like it really much. These bride maid's dresses are very stylish! Thank you for sharing photos with us!
    Congratulate your daughter on my behalf.

  2. Thank you both, Julia and Kultalilja. I've always been fond of those vibrant blues, too. It seems that it may be genetic since my daughter would have no other blue. She searched high and low to find just the right shade. -karen

  3. Beautiful dresses! I just love the color! ~Julie =]


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