Monday, August 3, 2009

Some Pictures to Share

The porch is nearly finished--back to the sewing room this aft.
First, the porch. The guys who are putting in the windows are building a large room addition for another party, so they've been working on our little redo when they have a down day waiting for subcontractors to finish at the other job. They won't be back here until Wednesday to install the transom window and the inside trim work, leaving us to finish grouting the tile and insulating around the windows. That didn't take long and Lee finished up Saturday afternoon. This morning we moved a couple of chairs back for our morning coffee and juice. It looks really nice with the tile down and I'm lovin' the new door. Now we can see the little butterfly garden with the full view door.

Here's the fabric for my next wearable muslin...a 4 way stretch in browns, and next to that, my next project for Noah's birthday, overalls in blue denim. I wanted to make them from blue ticking, but couldn't find any, so I've settled on the denim instead. I have a ball cap pattern in my stash somewhere that I hope to make to match, too. Time is running out, so it may have to wait for later.... maybe a "non-birthday" present.


  1. Your sun porch is wonderful! We had a sun room in our old house that I loved! I would have my coffee out there most mornings and I even sewed in that room. We have a deck now that I would love to turn into a sun room so I can use it year round and even when it's raining, etc... I still want a deck and a screened in porch, too, though. I don't want much do I?

  2. Thanks Julia--I agree with you whole-heartedly. As a kid, my mom had her machine on our back porch and that's where we always sewed...the absolute best lighting. We just LOVE this porch. My husband is an early riser and that's where I find him in the mornings when I finally pad my way downstairs. We've been here 20 years and have always planned on enclosing the porch, but while it was a screened porch, it was still a lovely place to hang out. Now we can enjoy it even longer.

  3. Thanks for the comment on my 100th post. I like the idea of keeping little ones warm is why I decided to do the blankets for the Linus Project. I think my little grand will like her Annie dress and the dress up clothes I made her today.

  4. I think she will, too. Its such a cute little dress.


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