Friday, July 10, 2009

Sewing in Secret....

The bride came home for the final fitting this past week. We were able to get the head-wear done and the mother-of-the-bride (motb) dress started, too. Yippee! Its really satisfying to check off each thing on the list. Her gown fits her like a glove and looks really nice since the alterations. The bodice needed to be reduced and reshaped at the side seams. I didn't feel confident enough to do this with such an important dress, so we found a wonderful experienced seamstress, and she's done a wonderful job. I promise to share photos after the wedding. I am keeping a record of the progress on the bridesmaids and motb dresses, too, so look for a full report in September.

Today, we're getting a new garden window installed in the kitchen. We had new windows put in the dinette last week. We were a little extravagant with those by getting casements with the inside blinds and roll up screens, but we're really happy with them. We had these in our last house and didn't realize how nice they were to have until we didn't have them anymore. Now I have to stain and finish the trim sometime soon, and I want to make a new valence for the dinette, too. But, all that can wait until these dresses are complete.

Next, photos of the new windows.....ciao for now.


  1. God bless you! You have a lot going on. Just finished my son's wedding for June 27th. Can't wait to see your pictures. Marie Santiago

  2. COol!!! Would love to see the pictures of the dress! Any previews??

  3. I promise to post pictures of all the dresses after the wedding. Promise Promise Promise.

    Marie. Congrats on your new DIL. Do you have any pictures posted?


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