Thursday, June 4, 2009

The practice dress is basted together, even the zipper, for the final fitting before it get sewn up. We have three options for the straps. The third option is what the pattern calls for, and that's the one that seems the best to Katie and me.

Oh! And here's the front view, too.

The only thing to be finished is the final seaming and hemming. The rest should be routine. It should be finished this weekend, then we can cut into the fabric Julie (the bride) picked up a couple of days ago in St. Louis. It's going to be very pretty, but I won't post any pictures. Want to keep some surprises for the wedding :)


  1. Very nice. I agree with the strap placement. Teh 3rd one seems to fit best.

  2. Thanks Julia, that makes 7 of us so far. I'm really pleased with this pattern.

  3. You are welcome. Thanks for checking out my blog. I have several examples of little boys things. I have one grand son, out of 5 grands and 3 daughters. So, I've been making boys stuff. I've also made some boy's stuff for a friend's grand son. Go back and visit my posts before Easter and forward if you are interested in seeing them. Sewing for boys is fun after sewing only for girls for so long. Still love those frilly little things too though.

  4. Thanks for joining my blog followers. I meant to tell you that my Mom is a flamingo lover!


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