Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Benefits of Making a Prototype

These last two weeks have been spent sewing for my children's stocking stuffers. All the kids are pretty well grown, so I try to find a unique gift idea for each of them. This year, they all get something from my sewing room.

One of the stocking stuffers I worked on was a pair of flannel boxers for our future son-in-law. (I'm pretty safe in revealing his gift because I'm sure he doesn't follow my blog.) These were the first boxers I've ever attempted, so I made a pair from muslin first. As you might expect, the fly was a challenge. However, the biggest challenge was the waistband. Yet, in the process, I discovered a nice method of sewing the elastic to the waistband. As some of you know, the elastic is cut three inches or more shorter than the waistband. So you must pin each end of the elastic to each end of the waistband, then stretch the elastic to meet the length of the waistband.

After sufffering a couple of painful snaps to my hands when the pins holding each end of the elastic broke loose, I soon decided the recommended method of pinning the waistband to my ironing board just wasn't working. It was just tearing up my ironing pad and my patience. So, I took a trip out to my husband's workbench to fetch his clamps. What the heck, I thought. After cleaning off the grease and woodchips, I found these work just great. I clamped the waistband diagonally to my cutting table while I pinned the stretched elastic at approximately four-inch intervals.

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