Sunday, October 12, 2008

More projects finished

The machines are cooling down tonight after a weekend of sewing madness. I'll have the pictures posted on Flickr in a day or so. My camera's batteries are charging right now. I've completed a set of capris, a t-shirt, 2 spankies, a dress, and a sweater; and there's a jacket on the table now to be cut tomorrow. A few months ago I found a sweet t-shirt pattern that is so easy to use, so I whipped up a neat t-shirt for Katie today while watching the Jets' game. Just in time for Halloween. Julie is getting so many new items that I thought Katie should get a little somethin'somethin', too. I know she will like it alot, so I'm looking forward to presenting it to her.

The more I work with my knits, the more I like working with knits. I'm still working out some of the fitting issues that are arising. For some unknown reason, some of the spankies I've made don't fit up over the girls' hips and I find I need to add another panel. Others fit fine. Their measurements are very similar, so I'm wondering if the stretch is less in some of the colors than in others. It may be due to my finishing techniques, too. So, tomorrow I'll record the amount of stretch in each of my fabrics to see if that's the problem. Regardless, I'm learning alot each week.

Tomorrow I plan a trip to Joann's to restock on interfacing. Maybe I'll pick up another pattern or two....better than more fabric ;) Maybe I'll get some new batteries for the ole camera, too, while I'm out so I can update the photo album.

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