Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Initial Blog


Here I am at the start of another season of sewing (and gardening when I can). Lots of folks ask me how I got started with my current avocation of customizing bicycle shorts, so here's how it all began.

While my daughters were in high school, I sewed "spankies" for them to wear under their basketball and soccer uniforms for privacy and protection. Since these fancy pants were mostly hidden by the uniforms, the girls always requested the most flashy and offbeat prints I could find in the spandex. The "spankies" are great for practices, and because my daughter loved wearing her neon pink spanks, she earned the moniker of The Pink Flamingo by her coaches. She went with it in a big way and I developed quite a stash of various brightly colored spandex fabrics. Now, she's attending a liberal arts college and continues playing three sports. This has lead to many of her teammates asking for customized spankies, too. Recently, my other daughter has also found the joys and benefits of spankie-wearing since she's taken up biking to classes. Being quite comfortable, these shorts are really cut as bicycling shorts--with the curved rump--but they work great for all sports because they don't bind about the thighs and hips as some other athletic shorts do.

So, there it is. It's a long way from my former careers as a secretary and more recently as a geologist. It amazes me that I find myself now utilizing skills I acquired decades ago at my mother's knee. It's fun to be sewing again, I must admit. I get to be creative, and I've really missed that.

Feel free to check out my Flickr page to see some of my finished projects.

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