Hello, and thanks for visiting.  I'm Karen.  Welcome to my humble little blog. 

I'm a wife (since 1977) and mother to 4 grown children (2 boys, twins, and 2 girls), and now I'm a grandmom.  Unfortunately, our children are scattered about the US which puts us far from the Grands, and we don't get to see them often, but that's  just given us good excuses to travel more often, which we love to do.

I've worked as a secretary, then after getting my degree, I worked as a geologist, then a secretary again.  Now, I'm retired with time to hang out in the sewing room again.

My mom taught me to sew when I was a little girl, and I've always enjoyed sewing time permitting.   My sewing friends say that I'm a "constructionist", meaning I sew garmets instead of creating beautiful quilts like most folks these days -- always makes me chuckle.  Maybe someday I'll try my hand at quilting, too, but I fear I don't have the patience and precision necessary for the craft.  

A few years ago I was teaching sewing techniques, and started this blog to give insights to my students, and to chat about things happening around home for my out-of-state kids.  Many changes have taken place in my life since then-- the kids have grown, graduated, and married, and are now giving us wonderful grandchildren.  We've also both retired, and I survived three bouts with cancer.  In 2012,  we moved from our life-long home in OH to the Hampton Roads area of VA to be closer to the Grandkids.   Consequently, the focus of this blog has been changing...evolving if you will to include remodeling of our new house and discoveries of our new home around the Hampton Roads area.  

I hope you find some things of interest, and please feel free to leave comments, I love reading your comments.   

The Grandkids: