Thursday, July 31, 2014

Good Fences, Northeast Ohio

We just got home from a 10-day trip to Northeast Ohio.  Yes, we were there for all the LeBron James Hoopla  (teehee, pun intended).  There is so much excitement in the air in the Akron/Cleveland area over his return.  Most have forgiven his leaving and are ecstatic that he's coming home (he was raised in Akron).

We stayed at our daughter's home to babysit her cat for a few days while she was in California for a month.  We still have family in the area, and my husband has old college buddies nearby as well, so we were really quite busy visiting and traveling during the days, and playing with the kitten in the evenings.  I did get a little sewing in as well while we were there, but I'll share that in another posting.

One of the places we went to was Punderson State Park, near Youngstown.   They have a very pretty old world lodge there as well as cabins and a campground.  We were checking out places to hold a family reunion in the coming year.  We hit about four State Parks in all.  On the way back home, we took a scenic route and went through the small town of Peninsula, finding this unusual sight of a Winking Lizard. We snapped a shot from the car just in the nick of time.  Apparently, there are a few Winking Lizards around the region we found out later on.

Punderson SP

Winking Lizard, Penisula

Linking up to Good Fences at RunARound Ranch this week. (Does a bike rack count as a fence????) Hope to see ya'll there.

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  1. sounds like you enjoyed your cat-sitting time! thanks for linking these! can't say i've ever seen a winking lizard. ;)

  2. It is always great to get away to someone else's home and you sound as if you had a good time 'cat' sitting. Love the fence for this meme today.

  3. Wow I must google the winking lizard it sounds awesome ! Sounds like a fun getaway too!

  4. Definitely a nice place to do some cat sitting!! :) I am trying to plan a family reunion for next summer, too. Looking for places on the beach though. It is important to be together as a family, at least every few years. My cousins are so special to me and my many wonderful memories!

  5. Love it....and I do want to see in person, Winking Lizard!!

  6. LeBron who?? hehehe, I couldn't help myself!!

  7. Looks like a nice state park. I thought we were gonna see a real lizard lol. cute name

  8. Lovely shots, interesting place.

  9. I am happy that you're helping out your daughter like that; I wish I had a cat p;) I always am amazed by seeing the vast nature though blog friends and kind of envious p;)
    I hope you will have a wonderful weekend.
    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs to from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  10. I am sure your daughter's kitty was happy to be at home with you! Great fence captures. I have never seen a Winking Lizard? Have a happy weekend!

  11. A Winking Lizard...well, that's something you don't see every day! Fun photos! Hugs, Diane


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