Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Big Trip for Us

We just got back from a month-long trip in our new camper.  Briefly, we went West on I-40 to Prescott, Arizona, where we visited an old friend, then kicked around AZ and NM until we got to see our daughter in South Texas.  Then we came back home.  We saw some amazing things, and enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones along the way.

Here are a few pictures.

A Tennessee state park, Mousetails, on the Tennessee River

View of Sedona Valley

Karen with lots of carons near Sedona AZ

Lee, Vicki, and I - great time with great friends

Patagonia State Park AZ sunset from our campsite

Chiricahua National Monument AZ, hoodoo rock formations

More hoodoos

6 point deer at Spring Creek Canyon, Chiricahua

Placard of the settlers of this Parklands

This is us at a roadside historical marker Route 90, south TX

Pecos River Canyon, along Rt. 90, south TX

Our campsite at Piney Grove COE campgrounds near Tupelo, MS

Pretty colors along I-40 in Tennessee on way home

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Not a Flipper

view of kitchen with ponywall
So, I have been away from blogging for quite awhile; and I may continue to post infrequently.  But today I want to address an issue that's been bugging me.

If you've followed me for awhile you know that we have moved quite a few times within the last 5-6 years.  Once our children moved out of the home and we retired, we decided to downsize and try to move closer to our children.  In the course of selling our home and finding a new one, we moved into 2 fixer-uppers.  We moved into these homes, lived there for a few years and remodeled as we lived there.  And I've documented these extensive remodels on this blog along with another reno from a summer house we owned for 9 years back in the 90s....making a total of 3documented remodeling projects in 20 years.....20 years.

Somehow, though, some commenters out there think these renovations qualify me as a "Real Estate Flipper", as if that's a bad thing.  I'm here to testify, I am not a Flipper.  A "Flipper" is someone who buys a fixer-upper to renovate over the course of a few weeks or months, then sell it or rent it for profit.  By the way, there is no shame in this way to make a living!  However, we do not do this.  We have made all these houses our homes. Period.

I know I shouldn't let these negative comments bother me, but I think I need to clarify what we've been doing with these properties.  Also, I am offended that a Flipper is looked down upon by some. Mostly, though, it has caused me to wonder why I should continue to share my life just to be judged harshly by folks. I may start sharing again, but right now, I'm inclined to just live my life and not take my precious time to share it.

Please know we are now finished refurbishing our new home which we moved into about 2 years ago, and we're quite happy finally settled into our new hometown.  We are thrilled to be just a few minutes away from our daughter and two of our grand kids, and a few hours car ride away from our other children and grands.  We're traveling now, and I'm sewing a little again.  Our youngest daughter had a beautiful wedding over which her brother presided (just lovely), and we gained a fun new son-in-law.  Health-wise, I continue to get stronger, and I'm feeling well.  Our garden and yard are works in progress, but we're enjoying the ride.

So, on that note, I do wish you all well, and may God Bless you and keep you.