Thursday, July 24, 2014

Good Fences Thursday, Ocracoke

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I took these last summer at one our favorite places, Ocracoke Island, NC.

Boardwalk toward town

Protecting turtle nests....the sign not there one day, there the next.
We try to get to Okracoke

at least once a year.  Last summer, when these pictures were taken, we got there the day after Labor Day.  We just stayed a couple of days at a little hotel's cabinettes.  They were decorated in 60s era furnishings.  It was so cute and comfortable.  


From there we went onto Beaufort, NC, to stay with friends.  Beaufort is a lovely little town with many nice eating places and shops.  While we were there, we visited the boat building museum along the boardwalk. 

Boat Building, Beaufort, NC

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

In My Garden This Week

A Flowering Succulent
 Its been quite a week here.  We got home Thursday evening from a week in Ohio.  The next day, we woke to find the hot water tank was leaking. 

We just got the heater replaced yesterday afternoon, so I was able to get the dishes and laundry done, at last.  Whew!

Blackeye Susan
We've been avoiding going outside in this sweltering weather since we couldn't take a shower.  Today, we took a walk and did a little yard work.

This purple flower looks like a small aster, but its not.  It sits atop a succulent groundcover.  I've asked the neighbors, but they don't know what its called.  So pretty, isn't it.

These Blackeye Susans are not in our garden, but in our neighbor's.  Aren't they pretty.

 This burgundy Coreopsis, however, is in my back yard, next to the garage.  I purchased it a couple of weeks ago at the Garden Center's half-price sale.  Its struggling, but is surviving, and should be quite pretty next year.

Coreopsis is one of my favorite, low-maintenance perennials.  I may have to move it, but not until next Spring.  

Magnolia (maybe)
I'm not sure what the plant in the last picture is.  I think it might be a magnolia because of the texture of the leaves and the timing of the bloom.  Then again, the leaf shape doesn't resemble a magnolia at all to my eye, but I'm certainly not very knowledgeable about the flora of this area, yet. 

I need to find a good book to help me ID these thins I'm discovering.  

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Good Fences Thursday, Hawaii

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This was taken on Hawaii at the Volcano National Park.  Right after this shot the Rangers shut the Park due to high levels of fumes making it dangerous to visitors and personnel.  You can see the steams escaping from the fumaroles along the side of the caldera wall.  (That's Lee's hand in the corner....I cropped him out per his request). 

Hawaii (big island) Volcano Natnl. Pk.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Good Fences, Charleston SC

I'm linking this photo to The RunARound Ranch Report on Thursday.  I took this on a trip to we took to Charleston, SC, two years ago last Spring.  One of the prettiest cities I've seen.

Charleston, SC