Sunday, January 29, 2017

I'm Back!

I've tried to start a new posting for ages, but haven't had the ability to finish.  Something always seems to crop up, and I don't get back to it, so this blog has been languishing.  Now, I'm determined, this attempt will get kidding....see, you're reading it, so I have been successful!  Huzzah!

Where to begin?  Well, 1st of all, we've moved again.  Yup, after nearly 4 years in Virginia with 2 years of those spent battling and recovering from my cancer, we decided we needed to be nearer our family and there was no better time than the present.  We put our home (that we had worked so hard on) up for sale the 1st part of July.  Surprise!  It sold within 2 weeks!  The next 6 weeks we were either packing stuff or driving to Charlotte (North Carolina) to look for a new home.  It was a whirlwind shopping ORDEAL because the housing market was so hot in Charlotte, that as soon as a new house was listed, we had to jump into the car and make the 5-hour drive to see it, and we'd just hope it was still for sale by the time we got there. Long story, short...we finally found a place and moved in September 30th...ish.

In the meantime....while we were frantically house-shopping, our daughter Julie had her second child, Ronan, on July 5th.  Julie and Ben live in Charlotte, and we would stay at their place while we were looking.  God bless them for putting up with us.  We were there when Ronan was born, and I got to be there during the delivery...oh what a blessing.  Needless to say, we were (and still are) thrilled to the moon and back. He's so sweet.

Now we were supposed to be out of our house September 8th, but we couldn't close on the new house for up to 5 weeks later, and we weren't sure the deal would go through...right up to the day we closed.  We pretty much had decided that we'd have to put everything in storage and live in the camper at a local KOA for a month or two or three until we could move.  Then a good friend offered us the use of her beach house in Beaufort, NC.  Wow!  Who could resist such a wonderful offer, so we packed up the kitten, and moved to Beaufort temporarily.  Luckily, we were able to close on the new place in 3 weeks and gain immediate possession.  Whew!  But for those 3 weeks, it was wonderful to just relax on the front porch and tour the area, and try not to worry. So peaceful.

Now, we had seen our new house a total of 2 times before move-in-day.  Two.  Yeah. Ideally, one needs to look at a place at least 2 times before offering to purchase, but we had to move on the offer quickly, and so it's no surprise that there have been many surprises once we moved in....mostly head-scratchers.  We are often heard saying, "Hmmm.  Why did they do THAT?!?"  Luckily, we found out quickly that the builder lives right across the street from us, and we hadn't complained to the neighbors yet. Whew!  Another lucky stroke is that we found a great "handyman" team.  These guys are remarkably multi-talented and have helped us out immensely. 

So the next few postings, I'll post before and after shots and talk more about our journey in making this house our home.  So, until next time............

                                     ~~ Karen ~~   

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fences from our Blue Ridge Parkway trip

Hi Everyone.  I sure hope you're having a good week.  Today I'm sharing more pictures of our Blue Ridge trip.  These are from the Mabry Mill Exhibit I've posted about before.  This exhibit features how folks lived in these mountains back in the 1800s to the 30s.

 Here are fence boards being dried out before using.
 Sorry this is sideways...Why oh why does Blogger do this to photos!!!  Anyway, its one of many fences on the property.  I like how you can see the wiring around the posts which is holding the planed boards in place.  The boards were sawed in the mill, too.

This last one is of another exhibit of an old homestead, but the fence is least to my eye.
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Until next time.....................

                                ~~ Karen ~~

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Blue Ridge Parkway Trip Part 1 - Annabelle's 1st leg of her Journey

We took Annabelle out on our trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It started with the drive and a few days stay at Katie's place in Roanoke.  Here's some photos of her 1st leg of the journey....

After the first 3 hours on the road with us telling her where she couldn't go (the driver's lap and under the brakes and the dashboard), Annabelle finally settled down on one of the 2 beds in the back.
Here's her view from her bed of choice.  She also enjoys looking out the winds from the sink top on the right, but during twisty roads, she found the bed the better choice.

 Here's our van, with Annabelle inside resting after her 1st 5 hours on the road.  We parked in the community's parking lot which also serves as parking for the church down the street from Katie's apartment.  The van has a Fantastic Fan in the roof that pulls the cool air from the side windows through the van and exhausts it out the top.  We checked on her often and found that even though the outside temps reached into the low 80s, the inside temp never went above 75.  We joined Belle each evening when bedtime rolled around.  It's nice knowing we weren't putting Katie out of her bed for once, and it was pleasant sleeping weather.  Belle found sleeping in the driver's seat was her favorite spot at night.

 On Saturday, there's a Farmers' Market that can be seen from Katie's apartment.                                                    

 Of course we headed over there and I picked up this cherry tomato plant for $1.00.  Wish I had taken a photo of the homemade doughnuts and freshly roasted coffee, but we scarfed those down before I could get a photo.
After those doughnuts, Lee started working on Katie's car which was acting up.  She had already left for a picnic at her
boyfriend's folks house near Raleigh.

While he was working, I sat here and read a bit.  Such a lovely day to kick back and relax.
 After a bit, I decided to take a few pictures of the community garden which resides next to Katie's place.  The chef of a local restaurant started growing a garden here, then the community took it over when he moved.
 I believe this is borage.
 There are a few gooseberry plants loaded with fruit.
 All through the garden are paint rocks with inspirational messages.
 The raspberries were in bloom.
 Katie's landlord placed some planting beds for the renters to use.  Here are two that Katie and the renters above her have planted with tomatoes, peppers, carrots, onions, squash, and garlic. 
Here's a bed of lambsear leftover from previous renters.

As a closing shot, here's a picture of the house's "unique" chimney across from Katie's place.  We call it the Dr. Sues chimney.

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Next posts will be more of our Blue Ridge Parkway trip.

Until next time..........

                                        ~~ Karen ~~

Friday, June 17, 2016

More Blue Ridge Parkway Trip

More pictures of our trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  This was on our last day in the mountains....a storm was coming in from the Southeast.  The storms moved in quickly there.  The bare trees are hemlocks that have been stricken with a blight.

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'til next time.........

                                             ~~ Karen ~~