Sunday, December 31, 2017

Watch Out! Learning Curve Ahead

 In the battle between Apple and PC, I landed on the PC side decades ago.  Now, I've used and owned both PCs and Apple Macs back in the 80s and 90s and it was tedious switching between the two.  So, when I received this Ipad for Christmas this year, I was a bit unsure how long it was going to take before it would actually become useful to me. Well, I'm not ready to throw out my little Dell, but today, I learned how to download the user guide from ibooks, so I'm zooming right along now.  Happily, I find the differences between Android and IOS (operating systems) aren't as great as the differences between the old MS and IOS used to be. Huzzah! The best thing is Facetim-ing with our daughter and son. That's the BEST and well worth the learning curve!!!

So, now I own 2 tablets, 2 laptops, and a really old desktop (for my embroidery module) my phone.  That's just my pile of lithium; I won't mention Lee's stash.  In my defense though, I've been thinking that this little Dell, on which I'm typing, soon will be going to Electronics Heaven (but it keeps chugging along like a champ....a wounded champ, but a champ nonetheless)  Regardless, I've been backing it up religiously and trying to download (upload) data to my 2nd laptop that my hubby refurbished for me a couple of months ago.  But now, with this new Apple-child/toy in my life, my switch-over efforts have come to a grinding halt.  Next week though.....I keep promising week I'll get back to it.  Yep, it'll happen.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that 2018 will bring you Joy and Prosperity!  God Bless and stay safe tonight....CHEERS!

-- Karen

Saturday, December 9, 2017

It's Brisk Out There

Hey!  Its snowing out there!  Woot!

Gotta say, Christmastime is one of my favorite times.  Lee and I are still trying to establish our new routine as a couple now instead of as a family unit.  Even though our last child left home about 10 years ago, we are still feeling that empty nest syndrome, but we're getting better at it.  Today, for the first time, it was just Lee and me decorating the Christmas cutouts. We still had fun laughing at our silly looking designs. At one point, I turned on Pandora for some Christmas jazz, and turned around to see it had started to snow.  Perfectly cued.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday Season.  God Bless.

-- Karen