Friday, May 20, 2016

Sewing for the Kids

Soooo.....I went to Hancock's the other day (yeah, sad to see them go out of business, isn't it), and I picked up a pattern for a maternity topper for Julie.  Found a nice looking one among Burda's patterns.  Yeah, I had forgotten how much I hate working with Burda's instructions, but it soon came back to mind, QUICKLY.  

Picked up this pretty blue light weight jersey, too.  It looked like something Julie would choose for herself.

Luckily, I'm persistent and have a bit of experience, and got it finished in spite of Burda's best efforts to be confusing. 

Time to put together a care package for Julie and the babies....

A few weeks ago, I also ordered some gauze fabric for swaddling for her new baby.  So fast and easy to whip these into a few blankets for the little guy.  Some of the fabric was really nice, but others were a real disappointment with the pattern being askew from the grain lines. Not what I was expecting, but I think Julie will find them useful. Into the care package, too.

While at the serger I whipped up a little fleece blanket for Wrenn who is a big fan of the Bears along with her daddy.   Into the package.  Done.  Off to the post office.

Then, I decided to use up a bit of my stash of jersey for a sweet little shift for my other daughter, Katie.  I was saving this for a shirt for me, but I'm still losing weight and don't know what my final size will be.  In the meantime, I think she'll love a new little orange dress.  I've sewn this McCalls pattern before so it should be done in about 3 days.  Right now, I'm on the road, so I'll post about this one when I get back home and can finish it up.

I gotta say, it's so good to be able to sew again.  Gosh, I've been away from my machines for so long, I had to get out the instructions to refresh on how to use them again.  I still have some residual shakiness from my illness, but it seems to only affect threading the machine needles, and there are helps out there for not a biggie.  I'm sure it'll get better with a little more time.  Anyway, its great to get creative again, shakiness or none. 

Until the next time........

                                                       ~~~ Karen ~~~

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Trip to Taneytown

We went on a small trip in our new-to-us motor home that we purchased a few weeks ago.

It was her "shake-down" trip, so we went up to Maryland to visit our son who just bought a new home.  He now lives only 12 miles away from Gettysburg, and the countryside is absolutely beautiful.  Here are a few pictures I captured of the area...

I'm linking to Run*A*Round Ranch Report, and Tom's Treasures this week.   Hop on over to Teresa's and join in the fun.

Until next time.........

                                           ~~~ Karen ~~~

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Burnout and Birds

Okay, so lately, I've been drawing a "blank" when trying to blog.  Its not like I haven't seen and done things that at the time I thought that I'd like to share; but when it comes time to put pen to, fingers to keyboard...I can't find the right words and soon lose interest.  Guess this is just plain ole' burnout, and the only way I know to combat burnout is to start writing, so here I go.....

This past week, our youngest, Katie, got a week off and came down here to visit us for a few days...Huzzah!  We had a great time.  One day we just hung out running errands like going to the nursery for a few geraniums and herbs, then shopping at the farm market for early corn and Carolina strawberries.

Then Katie helped Lee polish up his new toy. 
Our new toy (more on the motorhome later)
That evening we pulled out a frozen meatloaf from the freezer and cooked up an old fashioned comfort meal with sides of corn on the cob and a salad.  Then we followed that by a night of board and card games. 

The next day we drove over to Virginia Beach and toured the Virginia Marine Science Museum, a long-time family favorite. 
Turtle at VMMS looking at my shoes
It recently has been remodeled and expanded, and we were curious how it had changed.  The last time we were there in 2000, Katie was about 12 years old, and her brother, Vince, was a docent assigned to the horseshoe crab touchtank.  There are two docents at the touchtank now, but just like before, none of us wanted to touch those darned crabs.
Vince at the touch tank with Julie and Katie, in 2000
Julie and Katie along hiking trail, lookout tower, in 2000

They have a few outside exhibits, but it was really pretty chilly, so we took one of the short trails through an aviary with some sweet tweety birds.
Bluebird at VMMS aviary trail

Oriole at VMMS aviary trail
We looked at all the exhibits except the outdoors ones.  One could spend the whole day there, but we toured it in 3 1/2 hours.  We especially liked the aquariums, the harbor seals and the river otters.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get very good pictures through the glass of the tanks.

That evening we got home late due to no less than TWO traffic jams, so we decided to try an upscale corner pub nearby instead of cooking.  Lee and I had been wanting to try it out, so this was a perfect opportunity.  Even though it was Wednesday and the place was packed, we got a seat pretty quickly.  Lee and Katie enjoyed a couple of craft drafts, and we all gobbled down their special, a large cheese pizza.  When we got back home, I took a Bendryl and some cough medicine for my allergies, and that pretty well zonked me out.  So Katie and Lee spent the evening playing cards and watching me sleep on the couch. zzzz

The next day we took in an early movie before Katie left for Roanoke.  We went to see the new version of Disney's The Jungle Book.  Lee thought he'd be bored thinking it was just another cartoon, but the realistic animation and live acting was so good that he really enjoyed it, too.  I highly recommend it ... it's not just a kids' movie.  In fact, there were mostly adults in the audience.

She took off and we went back to our same ole same ole.  Its always great to spend time with our (not so) little KatieLu, and can't wait to see her again soon.  Now that we have a new-to-us motorhome, we'll probably see her sooner than later. 

Until next time, Peace an Joy....

                                             ~~ Karen ~~

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Roanoke in the Rain

We just got home from a week in Roanoke visiting our youngest.   On the way into town, I was able to catch a few photos of the town through the rain...
Iconic Neon Coffee Pot

Center in the Square where the weekend market lives

Downtown Renovated

Striking Tilework.  The plaque on the building reads FD&G
The entire cold week it just rained and rained.  We didn't do anything downtown, but we did try out a couple of new restaurants near Katie's, and on her day off we went to a few antique stores in nearby Salem.  Pretty low-key, but that's the fun of it...just hanging with loved ones...
Katie's new roommate, Henley
She and her Dad share a love of looking at used cars for sale on the net.  Hard to tell by this picture, but they are enjoying themselves...

Lee and I left early Saturday morning shortly after Katie left for work.  We were greeted by this glorious view upon opening the blinds....
View of the mountains out the back windows

View out the front windows
All the bad weather had ended by Saturday, and we had a very beautiful sunny day for traveling back home.

I must note the terrible news of all that bad weather bringing a terrible burst of tornadoes which hit nearby towns and others across Virginia with great destruction. Our hearts ache for the victims, and I hope you join us in lifting prayers for the folks affected and left to pull their lives and communities back together.

Hope you enjoyed this little travelogue.  I just wish I had been able to take more pictures, especially of the charming restaurants we enjoyed.  Our next visit, for sure.

So, until next time....... Peace and Blessings

                                                           ~~~ Karen ~~